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Transitioning Into Fall: The Alternative Edition

Updated on October 22, 2015

It's getting colder...

Summer can be one of the worst seasons concerning alternative fashion aficionados - it's too hot to wear your favorite crushed velvet dress or too sunny to risk that long sleeved fishnet blouse without sporting a rather unique sunburn. But the wheel turns and the days grow shorter and colder, so now it's time to pull out all your favorite cold weather pieces, but that doesn't mean you have to retire any of your summer gear!

Summer Dresses

Short summer dresses in fun patterns or simple black tend to be a staple in many a Goth girl's wardrobe. To take these items into Fall, simply add a jacket or cardigan and a pair of stockings or tights. Here's where you get creative - layering a pair of knee socks over fishnet tights for example. This looks great with an awesome pair of boots. A cardigan with a cool texture or fun print can make basic black look a bit less boring, I suggest leopard print or stripes.

The same goes for shorter skirts, adding a patterned pair of tights or leggings can make a wicked summer outfit work for colder weather.

Mainstream fashion seems to frown upon tights and shorts, but a pair of ripped tights under black denim shorts means you can keep your favorite DIY summer items in rotation all season.

Layer Up!

Just because the weather is cooling doesn't mean you can't traipse out in your favorite sheer blouse or graphic tee. Layer a solid colored, long sleeved top under a sheer blouse or add a cozy vest over it for some add warmth close to your body. A tee can be paired up with a jacket or sweater or even worn over a sleeved top. A button down top with a cool looking collar can look awesome under a printed tee or tank top.

When in doubt....

Add a hat. Especially if it's one of those days when you just don't feel like styling an awesome 'do. Not only can a hat (be it a beanie or a floppy wool monstrosity) make your hair look salvageable it can also keep you warm when spending long hours outside.

Beanies come in lots of different colors and styles, around Halloween is the perfect time to find one bestowed with skulls, bats, or spooky sayings. If that's not your style, perhaps invest in something more elegant like a wool hat with wide brim and rock your inner witch.

A killer jacket

A coat or jacket can make or break a look. I suggest investing in something basic that can work with any fall outfit you might conjure up. A lined black blazer is a good choice and so is a simple peacoat. You can add pins and buttons to jazz it up depending on your style or maybe hot glue some studs and spikes to the shoulders.

For a more textured approach, velvet or corduroy are great options and definitely keep you warm.

Jackets can be layered with cardigans or waistcoats or worn on their own. When it gets truly cold though, having something with a silk or satin lining will keep the heat close to your skin and help you avoid bulk.


Don't forget those small touches that really pull a look together though! Scarves come in all colors and fabrics these days so find one that suits your overall style - something furry and soft or maybe a bright neon color to highlight a dark style.

You can also sport finger-less gloves in lace or a striped pattern. I really like my skeleton hand gloves, they're perfect for slightly chilly days!

Belts are great for cinching together dresses and sweaters or giving shape to a loose or boxy jacket.

Shoes should be season appropriate - so boots with a heel or platform are great options, but if you want to wear your favorite summer shoes try adding some funky socks or leg warmers.

In Summary...

No matter what the season or weather, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your own personal style for the sake of comfort. To sum up these rather easy to incorporate tips, remember to:

1. Add Layers!

2. Utilize hats, scarves, and gloves.

3. Accessorize appropriately.

4. Be yourself.


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    • social thoughts profile image

      social thoughts 19 months ago from New Jersey

      I'm loving this article! I've been working on branching out with my style. Plus, with the cold weather, I've been trying to keep an open mind. Thank you for all of the useful tips! This reads like it was a fun one to write, too!