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Furry On Top - Women's Trapper Hats

Updated on December 13, 2010

Oh ye headpieces of ubiquitous fur. Ye trapper hats, which are so in right now – when the wind howls and the snow whirls and the entire world turns to white. In the comfort of your trapper hat, you will be safe from the harms of cold, all the while appearing to be a charming little woodland creature yourself. The trapper hat is big right now, and if you do not have one, chances are you are missing out on life in a significant way.

Trapper hats come in a myriad of styles. Some are wooly, some are skinny (as in, made of skin, not really thin,) and some puff with fur until the earth collides with the sun. This little guide to trapper hats will keep your head warm and your style hot all year round.


Sheepskin Trapper Hat

I want this hat. Not only will it work wonders with this year's shearling trend, (there's nothing more incredibly stylish than wandering about the world dressed in the skin of sheep who sacrificed themselves that you might have clothes,) but I also find it aesthetically pleasing altogether. Something about the way the various panels are lined with little fluffy bits of white wool, I suppose. The rope tie 'detail' on the sides looks fairly useless, but then again, this is fashion, and it is nothing with out vestigial design elements that will only serve to confound the more practical wearer.


Plaid Toscana Shearling Trapper Hat

Well, isn't this charming, and also utterly perfect for those days when you just want to leave the office for a few hours and go and hack down a tree. This particular style has proved wildly popular this year – perhaps because of the slightly butch connotations of the garment – and perhaps because it appears to feature black fluffy panda ears.


Charlotte Russe Faux Fur Trapper Hat

It should go without saying that you'll purchase a faux fur trapper hat. Unless you've hunted down a wild critter and skinned it yourself, well, you've just got no right wearing the trophy. I like this Charlotte Russe Trapper hat because it has a curious shape that reminds me somewhat of a trapper helmet. She's really pushing the boundaries of this paradigm, and I'm all about pushing boundaries. And paradigms.


Cable Knit Trapper Hat

And last, but certainly not least, this pretty pink cable knit trapper hat that will look equally adorable going to spring markets and wondering why nobody else is there as it will annoying other people when you keep it on in the movie theater and the bobble keeps blocking their view of Leonardo DiCaprio.


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