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Resolve Acne With No Medicine & Remedy

Updated on June 26, 2020
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I am a certified medical doctor and medical writer from the UK. I love to share knowledge and promote awareness to all my readers.

Are you one of those who see their old pictures with clear skin, and wish to get it back that flawless face. Do you have never-ending ifs and buts in your head and uncertainty about whether pimples and scars would ever vanish from the face? Then you just have landed on the right page.

I understand how bad it feels when looking in the mirror, you find scattered pimples and stubborn acne marks on the face. It gets more frustrating when nothing works on it. It adds up when people around you make you more conscious.

This article will discuss those preventable causes of acne that often go ignored. You neither need medicine nor remedy to clear acne, with this strategy, you could revive your previous acne-free, clear and smooth skin. Eliminate your acne cause, which would keep appearing on the face if you don't realize the real culprit behind.


Overlooked Truth

Most of the time, skin irritants, which cause acne, are around us, but they go unnoticed. Anti-acne treatments treat the active acne inflammation, but no medicine could prevent future breakouts.
You continue to get acne unless you stop the main skin offender.

Acne Vulgaris

It is a skin condition in which raised, red and inflamed lesions appear on the skin. In most cases, acne develops on the face, back, and chest(15% cases).

Active acne along with scars
Active acne along with scars | Source

It begins near a teenage(puberty age) and starts to regress in adulthood. In some cases, acne affects people until the 40s and 50s. Studies show that acne affects females more than males. In terms of severity, acne is mild, moderate, and severe type.

You Aren't Alone!

Acne affects more than 85% of Adolescents.

Why Acne Occurs? Quick Review

Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) live on the skin in a healthy condition. Skin gets rid of dead skin cells as a natural process. The problem begins when sebaceous glands(oil-producing glands) in the hair follicles become sensitive to the hormone called androgen thus, releasing more oil(sebum). Due to extra oil(sebum) dead skin instead of removing become clumped together. Also, it favors the P.acne bacterium to grow. Hence, clogged pores with excess oil, cell debris, and bacterial growth provoke inflammation that results in acne. The affected area gets infected, itchy, and scarring takes place in severe conditions.

Possible Root-Causes of Acne


Makeup and acne breakouts have a strong co-relation. Skin breathes, and makeup halts skin breathing, it is similar to wrapping a plastic bag around your face, which doesn't let you breathe.

Cosmetics hides skin flaws behind its illusion. It clogs skin pores, the skin releases more oil, and the leftover makeup on your face becomes a favourable medium for bacterial growth. Besides, certain makeup ingredients provoke allergy and irritation to sensitive skin.

Never hide acne with makeup,it will make it even more worse.
Never hide acne with makeup,it will make it even more worse. | Source

Your Pillow

You must be wondering how your fluffy and cozy pillow could be behind terrible acne? You may have noticed that hairs become oily within 2-3 days after hair wash. Pillow absorbs this oil, and when it interacts with your face, it aggravates your skin problem. An easy solution to this problem, change the pillowcase once a week, simple!.

Medical Reasons

Hormonal Imbalance

It is a condition in which female's androgen hormone levels elevate. Along with oily skin and acne, they experience irregular periods, weight gain, and excess body hairs. Hormonal imbalance is treatable, and it needs doctors advice.


Allergies can develop small pimples and acne. For instance, some people develop acne due to dairy products and nuts. In this case, evaluate which allergen is causing you acne. Consult a doctor as he/she would treat allergy and its secondary effects.


Touching Skin

Isn't it satisfy you touching a pimple to check whether it has reduced within no time? Stop it! Touching affected skin would transfer more germs from your hand to your skin. Similarly, squeezing a pimple is another sin. Pressing already inflamed pimple aggravates inflammation, redness, and scarring. If popped up pimple drains pus, It will come in contact with other skin areas, which will cause more zits and a chain of acne breakouts. Therefore, resist touching the face. Although hard, it will save your skin.

Skincare Flaws

Harsh Face Wash Chemicals

Various face washes are available for sensitive, oily dry, and combination skin. Most face washes dry out the skin, which results in more acne. Use soap or face wash that is gentle, mild in chemicals, and less fragrant. Face wash containing Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil resolves acne.

Non-Moisturize Skin

While washing the face, all the surface oil is removed. Dry face is another risk factor for acne. Use a moisturizer even if your skin is oily. Don't surprise if I ask to moisturize oily skin.

Moisturizer creates a thin protective layer. It nourishes and hydrates your skin. Also, it heals scarring and makes the skin feels better. Non-greasy moisturizer can be used for oily skin type.

Stress & Acne

It's natural to feel tense when you see your face getting ruin with pimples and blemishes. But this tension worsens this issue. It acts as a vicious cycle, where you take more stress, it provokes more acne. Regular yoga, meditation, and exercise keep you calm and stress-free. Also, sweating from exercise will excrete out toxins and bacteria from your skin pores. (it's like killing two birds with one stone).


Listen to Your Stomach

If your stomach is sick, you might often encounter acne issues. Fiber-rich food relieves constipation, which benefits the stomach as well as skin. Pulses, whole wheat, cereals, fruits, and nuts are good sources. Also, it boosts probiotics levels in the digestive system. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in the gut. They help in digesting food and keeping gut healthy. Add probiotics in your diet. Yogurt contains natural probiotics in it.

yogert,our gut friend
yogert,our gut friend | Source

Killing Eating Habits

Skin mirrors how healthy you eat. Colas, fried chips, burgers, pizza, and many other indulging food taste divine, somewhere creating problems for your skin. Similarly,late-night meals and no breakfast every morning.

Researches have shown that eating less sugar and carbohydrates ease acne, especially if it is due to hormonal imbalance. Eating green vegetables purify the blood, cleanse, and detoxify the body internally.

It's hard to stop hand on such delicious food, just avoid it for the sake of your health.
It's hard to stop hand on such delicious food, just avoid it for the sake of your health. | Source


Drinking less water is common. Either we don't have time to drink water, or we are afraid to pee due to cold weather, or toilet unavailability. Consequently, harmful toxins keep accumulating in our bodies.

Optimum water intake is necessary to cleanse the body's internal organs and excrete out all the toxins and harmful substances. It also ensures radiant and acne-free skin.


Outdoor Activities & Pollution

Sun exposure and outdoor pollution destroy overall skin health. Sun radiation destroys the skin's immune and damages the skin cells.Additionally, dirt and dust from pollution get trap within skin pores. Both conditions stimulate acne.
Wear high SPF,non-oily, non-comedogenic (comedones are black and whiteheads that become pimple later on) sunscreen to protect against acne and premature aging.

Last but not the Least

No magic in this world could treat acne quickly. Through medicines and remedies, It takes time to settle down acne and scarring. It would be a wise to trace its cause and solve the acne problem permanently. Have a stress free life, eat and drink healthy, and follow a healthy skincare regime for best results.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


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