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Treating Oily Skin In Summer- Some Tips

Updated on May 18, 2012

Oily Skin Treatment

Look at your skin closely, is there any oily patches near your lips, nose under the eyes, forehead, hands and bottom of your feet? Do you know that our skin turns out oil and it can be difficult to maintain this oil from obstruction pores and causing breakouts especially in the session of summer when you are facing sun’s heat and its UV rays.

People are more curious to know how they can protect their oily skin while in the summer. So as a result I am sharing some oily skin treatment tips and some strategies of the summer session. Try these tips once and get your skin oil free with ultimate beauty.

Summer Skin Treatment Tips

Do Scrub for your skin but not too hard: It is recommended that don’t do scrub too hard on your oily skin. You that our skin makes oil to help seal in wetness and keep the skin hydrated as well as this oil helps in minor skin irritation problems. When you apply scrub on your oily skin too hard and use alcohol based cleansers, you actually arouse the oil glands. So always apply gentle skin cleansers products because they make your skin dry and irritation free. Since less oil production always produces less oil on the skin.

Wash Face on regular intervals: You don’t need to wash very frequently. To remove dirt and buildup you need to wash your face twice a day it is enough. More frequent washing could stimulate extra oil production. During this hot summer, you might use cleanser with salicylic acid before sleep at night. It helps in removing dead skin cells that may clog the pores. If notice your skin becomes dry out from the use of cleanser, then you need to use it once a week.

Take out temptation: Few parts of your body such as your hands; feet, face and forehead are the oiliest parts of your body, whenever you touch to them, you are actually transferring oil and dirt to them. So reduce oil transformation you need to keep your hands away from your face.


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    • profile image

      lucy 5 years ago

      Hi there I'm on holiday at the moment and my skin regime (my skins oily to combo) is a foam wash then a tonic cleanser I then use a gel sun block but my skin still is spotty.. Any tips on how to combat this? Thanks x