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Trend - Hair Straightening

Updated on February 27, 2016

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair!

Hair straightening is in trend these days. Know how to straighten your hair and give yourself a different look.

In this era of fashion, along with the outfits women are also experimenting on their hair. Sometimes they want curls and the other times straight hair. Let’s know what type of straightening should we prefer.


Know the type of your hair

Before you go for a hair treatment it’s important to know about your hair type. Ask yourself the following questions :

  • What is the texture of your hair?
  • Is it thin or thick?
  • Is your hair normal, wavy, curly or very curly?
  • Does your hair contain natural moisture?

Note : Hair that contains less natural moisture is weak. This type of hair require fast hand movement at the time of straightening as it has a fast effect.

What is the texture of your hair?

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Pros of Hair Straightening

  • It changes your look.

  • Your hair starts shining.

  • The texture of your hair gets better.

  • Your hair looks beautiful and strands free for more than a year.

  • If your hair was dull or frizzy before, it will make it smooth now.

How to choose Straightening cream for your hair type?

Always choose your cream according to the texture of your hair. Like, if your hair is normal and not curly opt for normal cream and if your hair is very frizzy and curly opt for the resistant.

Straightening Procedure

Following steps gives brief overview of how hair straightening is done :

  • The very first step to straighten hair is to wash hair with opticare shampoo and dry them using a towel.
  • Hair is then divided into 4 parts so as to easily apply the straightening cream.
  • Taking a part of your hair at a time straightening cream is applied. [Tip : Do not use very much amount of the cream.]
  • Hair Brush is used for applying cream on hair and then it is merged by using fingers from upwards to downwards direction.

  • While applying cream on scalp, brush should never be used. Instead light thumb motion should be used while applying on the scalp. If the cream is not applied nicely then it can result in making your hair wavy.

  • Straightening cream should always be applied in a bit wet hair (i.e. not fully dry) because the cream gets spilled nicely in wet hair.

  • If the product is wet, matrix card can be used. After putting the matrix card, opposite side of comb should be used to straighten the hair. [Tip : Do not move your head while straightening, as the hair gets twisted and tilted.]

  • The chemical needs to get heated up so that the bonds get broken easily. [Tip : Apply clean wrap on your hair so that heat gets generated.]

Straightening Completion Check

Following Check can be done to examine whether straightening process is completed or not :

  • Pluck a hair strand to know whether the bonds are broken or not. If not broken, try again after 5 minutes. The hair strand will roll like a spring therefore, the bonds are broken. When the bonds get broken, rinse your hair with Lukewarm water and soak in towel.

Final Step of Straightening

  • Divide your hair into small sections and iron it in a cool temperature. Using a board, apply neutralizer on your hair and scalps. Never apply clips on neutralized hair, keep it for 8-10 minutes then rinse your hair and soak in a towel. Now, dry your hair in medium heat.

    TIP : For bringing extra shine in your hair : Mix opticare serum & mask. Apply it in your hair firmly using your fingers. Leave it for 5 minutes then rinse and dry using a dryer.

Points to Remember (Before & After Straightening)

  • Use of Ayurvedic oils does not gives a good result as it forms layers on your hair.

  • If you apply mehendi on your hair, then the chemical would not give a good result as expected.

  • If your hair needs cutting, remember to have a hair cut before straightening.

  • After straightening, use combs with broad teeth for combing your hair.

  • After straightening, avoid shampoo and do not wet your hair for the next 72 hours.

  • Avoid putting your hair or relaxing your hair at the back of your ears as curves can be formed in your hair.

  • Try to leave your hair open and avoid using clips, rubber bands, clutches, etc.

  • Avoid doing any exercise or dance.

  • Do not ride a two wheeler.

  • Avoid wearing high neck clothes.

  • Do not apply oil for a month, avoid tight ponytail, do not keep your hair wet for long time.

  • After straightening avoid haircut, spa treatment, or massage.

Before and After Hair Smoothing Video

What is Smoothen Fill Therapy?

After straightening your hair becomes rough and lifeless thus, hair needs some kind of therapy to smoothen it out. If you choose to get straightening done, you should keep in mind that you need to take extra care of your hair from the very beginning otherwise your hair texture can be very rough.

Following Steps describes how Hair Smoothen Fill Therapy is done :

  • The first step towards smoothen fill therapy is to rinse your hair and soak and dry with a towel.
  • Now, take two spoon of mask and two pumps of serum and mix well using a brush and apply in your hair. Along with it continue spraying water in your hair so that it does not get dry.
  • Now massage near your neck and shoulders in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction.
  • Next, slowly massage on your head too. This helps in bringing shine in your hair.

How was your experience with hair straightening or smoothing?

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Every girl wants smooth silky tangle-free hair and straightening/smoothing are some of the methods which most of the girls are going after these days.

Have you tried Hair Straightening or Smoothing? Share your experience below in comments.

Some Easy DIY Hair Care Tips

Interested in knowing some beauty hacks for your hair?

Your hair needs both inside & outside treatments!

  • Do not forget to moisturize your hair from outside well enough. Apply conditioner after every wash on your hair strands leaving roots.
  • Do deep conditioning treatment once in a while. You can even use home made hair mask for this purpose.
  • Once in a while do hot oil treatment. Coconut oil gives best nourishment to scalp. You can mix camphor in coconut oil to give you cooling effect & to relax your mind.
  • Keep in mind that however you mould your hair while it's drying, it's gonna show up when hair gets dry. so if you sit in sunshine combing your hair, your hair will become straighter, if you keep your hair in braid when they are wet then you will get curls when dried. So the duration when your hair gets dry matters. This is what blow dryer does to make your hair straight but it's harmful just because your hair moisture gets lost, hence damaging hair.

So these are very basic & vital points you can keep in mind to have gorgeous looking healthy hair!!

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