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Trending Fall Lipstick Colors

Updated on October 26, 2016

Dark Purple

This perfect dark purple color looks great with any outfit. Although it is a bold statement, it goes great with a simple outfit so it can become the star. Many different brands of makeup carry this color and it can be bright or matte.


This color is perfect for those who would rather take a subtle approach. The coffee/taupe color is great to go with any outfit. It goes really well with more statement outfits, as it doesn't draw the attention away, unlike a bright, bold color.

Shimmering Pink

This beautiful color is great for a natural looking makeup style. It looks great not only in the fall, but also in the summer. It brightens up your face and gives it a glowing look.

Deep Red

This color is great for those who want to make a statement, but not be in your face with it. It looks great will all fall clothing, and could work well with a bold or simple outfit.

Matte Pink

This color is great year round and can round out a great makeup look. This color can go with any outfit, and make sure your outfit is the star. It is great with any skin tone and hair color as well.


This color is great for sunny days when you want to look bright and shiny. It is a refreshing color that can really pop with the right outfit. It can also go with any look you are going for, makeup wise.

Burnt Red

This fall color is a great go to color for any outfit or makeup style. This lipstick can be your go to whether you are going out for errands or lunch, to going out for drinks with the girls.

Burnt Brown

Although not as bold as red, this can give you a dramatic look while still looking natural as well. This color can give you contrast when wearing a bright outfit.

Black Cherry Red

Want to be a little more daring? This color can make a bold statement. I love this color because it isn't the normal color to wear. This is definitely one to wear when going out with the girls.


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    • Kate Alyce profile image

      Kate Phillips 17 months ago from Mankato

      ElenaShep, I totally agree with you. I have always envied the women who have the courage to wear these. I started slowly adding them to my collection and wearing a couple different ones and found out, I actually look good in them!

    • ElenaShep profile image

      Helen Sheplyakova 17 months ago from Kharkiv

      Always loved dark colors on lips, but never had enough courage to wear them... Purchased a couple this fall and they're my new best friends) I prefer velvet finish, though. Still love the shades you've picked.