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Trends And The Mature Woman 30+

Updated on October 10, 2017

Lets examine this!

Ok, so the video above is of myself, I am 46 ( just! ) and the reason I am writing this is I am so fed up of media and cosmetic companies aiming thier 'newest looks' at women under the age of 30, and sometimes thats pushing it, that I am inspired to do something about it! So I got to thinking why it is? and how that makes women of a certain age feel. To be excluded from a style or new look because someone out there who has never met you and has no idea of your sense of style and fashion, has deemed you unworthy of the latest trend.

We are told that we need to avoid certain products, such a shimmery eyeshadows, concealer because it settles into all those fine lines and wrinkles, dark lipsticks because they will feather and make your lip lines look worse. I could go on and on, but I am going to throw a full stop into this article right now.

Now, lets look at the media in general, take one profession, perhaps acting. Female actresses are old at 30 and will rarely be given leading roles, when the opposite is true of their male counterparts. The more I notice these exclusions for older women the more I ask myself exactly why it is? Effectively the movie business is saying they are no longer attractive enough to pull in audiences perhaps ( never mind the fact they might be fantastic actress, far superior at doing the job than the 17 year old thats been cast )

This message appears to be reiterated everywhere I look, fashion, make up, hair, tv, movies, magazines. Us mature women appear to targeted far less and what we are offered always seems to demand we 'we grow old gracefully' we are edged towards 'classic' and honestly I'm not quite ready for 'classic'!

Please don't misunderstand me, if one of the latest trends won't suit me then I won't wear it, but thats not changed in my life ever, I've never worn something that looks awful just because I could get away with it. But if a trend comes along I like the look of then I don't give a monkeys if its not target at me.

I've used this hub for years and it is about to have a big transformation and will be linked to my other social media sites that explore this topic in much greater detail, there will be reviews, tutorials, and lots of fun experimenting. I am so looking forward to exploring this area and hopefully I can encourage other women to step out of their comfort zone and come along with me for the ride!

Cosmetic Surgery

There is so much pressure on us to stay looking the way we did when we were 18, plastic surgery has quadrupled in the last 10 years, from botox to fillers, and sucking fat out of one area and pumping it into another. Its made so easy, you can get you're wrinkles erased in your lunch hour. I confess I once tried botox because I have a frown line that I hate and was told botox would be a great remedy.

Unfortunately, although it did indeed get rid of the line it also left me with insane looking raised brows, I reminded myself of Jack Nicolson In one flew over the cuckoos nest, it was awful ( check out the photo below, be kind I feel so vulnerable even sharing it ) It got me thinking, all these famous women getting botox, lip injections, cheek implants, they almost always look worse, and if they have the money to pay for the very best cosmetic surgeon and still come out of it looking pretty freaky then what hope do we have? So, no needles for me, but I'm not saying 'you' shouldn't do that, because my message is actually the opposite, its your body, your life, do as you please and enjoy it!

Lets work with what we have, we have had it all our lives and it has severed us well, so it might be a little tired, it might not be as firm as it was, but its still beautifully you and you have the absolute right to do what ever you want to to it, and no beauty guru or advertising agency can stop you!

* Coming up I will be testing 20 trends for Autumn and Winter 2017 to see if I can rock them despite not being invited to try! *

Rocking the Jack Nicolson Brows!

And worn off...

Should women over 30+ still be included in trends aimed at younger women?

Do you feel comfortable wearing up to date make up / fashion?

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