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Tulip Tattoos

Updated on August 6, 2015

Tulips in general are a representation of new growth, new beginnings, or the hope after an incredibly long, cold Winter. So it's no surprise that tulip tattoos are a tattoo choice that quite a few people enjoy. What is neat about a tulip tattoo is that you can really have a lot of variety and options that you can do with them. For example, you can add any color you like along with extremely detailed shading in your tulip(s). You can have your tulips closed or open, and you can create other scenery to compliment the flowers.

A fun idea is to look into a 3D tulip tattoo. Three dimentional tattoos are hitting the tattoo world by storm and they look awesome ! If you have trouble finding a tulip in 3D, just go into a parlor and ask a tattoo artist. Tell him or her what you would like, and they will draw it up for you.

Unique Tulip Tattoo

Pretty Tulip Tattoo

Different Tulip Tattoo

Cool Tulip Tattoo


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