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Turn into a Hottie with Reebok Toning Pants

Updated on October 11, 2011

Toning Pants & Tops from Reebok

Tight, taut and sexy - Its hard not to love Reebok Toning Apparel
Tight, taut and sexy - Its hard not to love Reebok Toning Apparel

There was a time in the dim and distant past (otherwise known as the 80’s), when women had to jump up and down vigorously to Bonnie Tyler to get in shape. As women the length and breadth of the country bobbed, jiggled and danced their way to fitness and toned perfection, Reebok was the brand of choice on their feet.

Once more the brand is fuelling a new fitness and keep fit craze, but this time the bouncing is coming from their footwear, with a new design to get the lower body jiggling without the need for an Aerobics hall and a ghetto blaster. The Easytone - or if you just can’t resist a dance hall - the Traintone, get your muscles working harder with each step to get the maximum benefit from any time spent exercising.

You have to hand it to Reebok. When it comes to the look of your legs and buttocks, they are really pulling out all the stops to get them in perfect shape. Last year it was the Easytone, Runtone and Traintone toning shoes which were making all the headlines, but now you can really get your body looking sexy faster with Reebok Toning Clothing. And by fast, I mean instantly. All you need is a pair of Reebok’s new figure hugging toning pants (and maybe a large shoehorn) and you will be wowing friends, relatives, and every man you walk past with consummate ease. If you are looking for leggings with a great butt lifter effect, these take some beating.

The new line of Easytone Apparel makes toning even easier, by adding compression to your muscles to get them working even harder than ever before. Of course, the cut of the leggings and tops is such that you will get an instant lift where you need it most, and the clothes are designed to show off the good work you have already achieved with your exercise routine to date. It may not be much, but Reebok will certainly make it count double!

Squeeze yourself in and see the transformation
Squeeze yourself in and see the transformation

So how does Easytone Apparel actually work?

There is no arguing that the Capri pants will help you work out. You’ll probably burn about 100 calories trying to squeeze into them, and about twice that trying to free yourself from their figure compressing clutches.

The pants get you looking hotter in an instant, and will smooth out any untoned parts giving you beautifully smooth and shapely legs. There is no denying that the clothes will get you looking hotter, which is a huge selling point in itself. However as with the Easytone shoes, the clothes are designed to get your muscles working harder.

Whilst the tight fit helps to keep unsavoury parts compressed, the compression acts against the muscles making them work harder with each flex, therefore after a while, you will find that your legs retain the same hot shape when you take the Capri pants off. The secret of the clothing lies with Reebok’s Resistone™ bands, which curve around your curves and help to lift and compress.

Whilst shapewear for women is certainly not a new thing, the design of Reeboks clothes is such that it compresses to a greater degree, helping to tone whenever the muscles are flexed. Most shapewear for women just holds and firms the body, but doesn't have any additional toning benefits.

The Resistance bands also help to promote better posture and to some degree pull your body into a more natural alignment, and coupled with a pair of posture correcting shoes or an orthotic insole they will help to get the back straighter, the shoulders back and the body more upright.

However how much is down to the bands, and how much is due to the confidence boost that their clothing gives is difficult to tell. After all, people do tend to stand up straighter with their shoulders back when feeling confident, and the leggings and tops certainly help in that sense.

According to virtually everyone who has managed to get them on, they do wonders for body shape. Whilst Reebok have been willing to claim 27% extra toning to the buttocks with their shoes, they have not come up with a percentage for their super cute clothing, instead just relying on the fact that their tops and bottoms will speak for themselves when you look in the mirror.

If you want to look great from day one at your exercise class, then the leggings are certainly priceless, although Reebok have taken that to be around $80. 

What Reebok has to say on the matter
What Reebok has to say on the matter

The Easytone Clothes Range

Capri pants, leggings tops and t-shirts make up the range, with the skimpy bra-tops best left for the less well endowed woman to avoid any unflattering Resistone breast repositioning, so stick to the Easytone t-shirts if you don’t want to be too restricted. Unlike the pants, the tops are easier to get on; however getting such a tight and restrictive top off again can be something of a struggle on your own.

The clothes area mix of 80-90% Polyester, with the rest made up of Elastane and PlayDry fabric to wick away moisture fast and to keep the body cool. The fabric promotes evaporation and doesn’t trap heat so when you work out you won’t overheat, and it will help to keep you sweat free even when you really put in the extra effort at the gym. Once on, the clothing is highly comfortable, with the Capri pants feeling like a second skin, although one which is much thicker and tighter. The weave is fine so chafing isn’t a problem, with an athletic cut to maximise freedom of movement.

So Does Reebok Easytone Clothing work?

In all likelihood, these clothes are not going to make much of a difference to how quickly you tone, but they will give you the instant look of a super toned hottie, and for many people, that will be more than enough. What’s more you can wear this thin clingy clothing under other gear to improve shape, which is just as well if you really can’t face the struggle to take them off!

Reebok toning clothing is certainly designed to be flattering, but as with the toning shoes, don’t expect miracles overnight. They are a great step towards the body beautiful and you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to get rid of the extra pounds which have been so easy to put on, but alas are proving that much harder to lose.

Get yourself a pair leggings and a cute little Easytone top, and finish off the look with a pair of the latest Easytone trainers and you will be giving the flab nowhere to hide. You will no doubt then be itching to get out and get more active whilst showing off your new found firmness.

If you have tried other types of body shapewear for women, then these will be right up your street, and will give much longer lasting benefits, and are a great alternative to butt lifter jeans!


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    • GlstngRosePetals profile image


      7 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Great hub!! Thank you for the info i will have to try these out. Voted up

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 

      8 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      I have never heard of these before... I might have to look into them. It is hard to find workout clothes that actually stay in place when I am working out... so maybe if they are difficult to get off, they won't fall down on their own.

      Great hub!


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