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Beauty Tricks for Your Skin

Updated on August 31, 2016

If you know these beauty tricks, you can get the face you want instead of the face you deserve.

To boost your beauty mojo, you can keep in mind that beauty does not only depend on your makeup. It also includes everything you put in and on your body. It is all reflected on your skin.

To keep your eyes from being puffy in the morning, sleep on two pillows. This will keep your head elevated preventing fluid from collecting around your eyes during the night.

Put your eye cream in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures shrink blood vessels and help to minimize under-eye bags.

Use a 10-minute moisturizing mask which will plump up your cells. After putting on your regular face lotion, add a little facial oil to keep the moisture in.

Baby your chest and neck because the skin in these areas is very thin. They show your age often quicker than the rest of your skin. Make sure you use sunscreen daily. Use a moisturizer that has retinoids or peptides every other day or so as it can leave your skin red and flaky is overused.

Fight fine lines in the shower. Before you get into the shower, massage a drop of grapeseed oil into he skin around your eyes for 10 minutes. This will improve skin texture and the oil contains antioxidants that fight wrinkles caused by free radicals.

Add retinol to your routine. Retinol or tretinoin smooths and evens out skin tone.

Dermatologists recommend peptide, as it is the most effective ingredient in moisturizers and serums that firm and lift.

For breakouts, use a product containing salicylic acid, antioxidants and calming ingredients.

Women get cystic pimples even into their forties usually the week before their periods. If this is your problem, exfoliate with an at-home scrub or peel twice a month to keep your pores clear and slough off dead skin cells.

Do not use a deep dark lip hue as it bleeds into the creases around your mouth. Use soft, neutral shades like rose or preach for fair to medium tones and sheer browns and berries for darker skin.

Be careful when you wax your eyebrows. After forty you are killing the hair root and it may never grow back.

Use a brown pencil or powder along the top line of your arches to make the whole eye appear raised. It will give you a brighter look.

Smudge the line of your eye liner with a cotton swab, extending it outward instead of stopping at the end of your eye. This will stop eyeliner bleed and keep you looking fresh rather than tired.

Use a rosy color on the apples of your cheeks. It will brighten your skin.

After cleansing your face, apply one layer of moisturizer before your foundation. Then pat a very light coat over your makeup. It will give you a dewy finish and an extra dose of hydration.

Use an illuminating cream or powder on your upper cheekbone, center of your forehead and below your lower lip. This makes your face appear lifted.

Use water-resistant mascara and eyeliner so it will stay put if your body temperature soars.

Keep powder to a minimum as it cakes up on a damp face.

Use an oil-free concealing pencil for pimples rather than under-eye concealer so it won't slide off.

As you age, you lose pigment and radiance. Switch to a foundation with a warm tint and go golden. You can even add a drop or two of liquid bronzer to your favorite foundation or use bronzing foundation.


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