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Two Finger Rings, Rings To Rule Them All

Updated on September 14, 2010

Do you ever feel as if a ring on a finger is not enough? Do you ever wish that your jewelry was less facile adornment and more a potential piece of self defense equipment? Well, you can double your rings and double your danger when you wear a two finger ring.

Put simply, a two finger ring is a piece of jewelry designed to fit over not one, but two fingers at the same time. This allows for precious stones of twice the length to be used on a single piece of jewelry, denoting to those around you that you are most certainly someone who can afford many shiny rocks, and who also enjoys the liberty of having two of her fingers somewhat hobbled together without experiencing any ill-effects.

The ring featured in the top picture was found on Fashion Magazine and is only $26 from Banana Republic however, so two finger rings are obviously also suitable for women who can't afford that many shiny rocks, but would still like two of her fingers to form a closer relationship.

Two finger rings have been popularized by several different movements. Perhaps most notably, blonde Loren Conrad from the human nature documentary 'The Hills' wore a two finger ring, sending every aspiring Valley Girl into a frenzy of two finger ring purchasing.

The punk movement is also something of a breeding ground for these evolved rings, which have apparently divided in some kind of metallic mitosis and may one day emerge from your jewelry drawer and start arguing with you about the relative merits of democracy.

The problem with the two finger ring is that on some level, it's always going to make you look as if you have aspirations to be the world's best street fighter. The knuckle dusting connotations are clear when one looks at this ring's design, but before you decide to go equipping one of these two finger rings as a weapon, be aware that striking someone with one of these, if not done correctly, could easily lead to you breaking both your fingers and you'd probably deserve it. Unless they're evil spies from a communist country coming to steal the recipe for uranium and your grandma's home baked brownies, in which case you're a hero and a credit to the human race.

Two finger rings are sold pretty much wherever jewelry is sold, though beware of snooty saleswomen who aren't aware of your high fashion crime fighting connections looking down upon you for your practical web fingered style.


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