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UK Fashion: Topshop Crochet Dress

Updated on April 5, 2011
Kate Bosworth in Topshop crochet dress
Kate Bosworth in Topshop crochet dress | Source
Charlotte Church in Topshop crochet dress
Charlotte Church in Topshop crochet dress | Source
Spring 2011 Topshop dress with crochet waist
Spring 2011 Topshop dress with crochet waist
Spring 2011 Topshop crochet swing dress
Spring 2011 Topshop crochet swing dress
Spring 2011 Topshop crochet tunic
Spring 2011 Topshop crochet tunic

So you want to improve your wardrobe by adding a crochet dress to what you already own. You don’t want to crochet the dress yourself (because even crocheters can be intimidated by the work, time and detail that must go into making a crochet dress) so you have decided that you want to buy a crochet dress from the store. Maybe you have already looked at some of the most popular name brand crochet dresses like the BCBG crochet dress or the Soulmates Bead Crochet Dress but you haven’t found the crochet dress that is quite right for you yet. I have a suggestion: consider the Topshop crochet dress.

What is Topshop?

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what Topshop is it is it is a British clothing store that was founded in the 1960’s. It has store branches in more than twenty countries today including a flagship store in New York City. It has gained attention in recent years because of the fact that some major celebrities have been seen wearing Topshop items. Additionally there are some big names who have designed Topshop collections including supermodel Kate Moss and British artist Stella Vine.

Why a Topshop Crochet Dress Is Perfect

Topshop is the perfect place to start looking for crochet dresses for a number of reasons. Those reasons include:

o   Topshop was born in the 1960’s and truly came alive in the 1970’s. This is the era that fashion is looking towards right now for inspiration. Crochet was a huge part of the fashion of that era. Many stores look back to their own previous collections to get inspiration for what they should do for new collections. All of this combined together truly makes Topshop a great candidate for creating terrific crochet dresses that are remniscent of the 1970’s but perfect for women in the twenty first century.

o   Topshop is a great UK brand. Fashion has really become global these days and so it makes sense to look outside of the United States for various items. Crochet can sometimes feel outdated (although it’s definitely not) so it can help to get your crochet items from fresh sources outside of the United States to get that funky feel that brings the design up to date.

o   Topshop has great crochet dresses for Spring 2011 but older items can also be found online. For spring 2011 Topshop has debuted four very different looks. The look that is of interest to people who want crochet dresses is the Swedish Summer look. It is filled with cotton dresses in cream and ecru colors that are embellished with beautiful crochet work. Topshop crochet dresses from previous seasons can easily be found online through sites including eBay.

Kate Bosworth in Topshop Crochet Dress

The Topshop crochet dress is popular this year but it was actually popular in 2010 as well. This was due in no small part to the fact that American Actress Kate Bosworth wore a Topshop crochet dress to the Coachella Music Festival. The dress that she choose was a short open work number that was super sexy and yet perfectly comfortable for the outdoor festival in a warm climate. It would make a great choice for women seeking a crochet dress this year that could be worn to summer festivals!

Charlotte Church in Topshop Crochet Dress

Another celebrity who wore a great Topshop crochet dress last year that would be ideal to get your hands on for this spring was Charlotte Church. The Welsh singer songwriter was spotted in a dress that has a lot of classic crochet features (doily patterning on a white crochet dress) but with funky features like tassled fringe on the bottom that make it a really up to date piece. This dress as well as the Kate Bosworth dress can both be found online now and then and both of them are great items to consider if you’re looking for a crochet dress this season.

Spring 2011 Crochet Insert Dress by Topshop

One of the spring 2011 crochet dresses by Topshop that I think is a terrific item that will be wearable for many, many seasons to come is their crochet insert dress. They have a simple dress as well as a sundress and they come in various colors including cream and red. The dress itself is a basic sleeveless dress and the crochet work is just at the waist creating the illusion of a belt while showing off the great details of crochet work. People seeking a crochet dress that doesn’t overdo the crochet will probably find this Topshop crochet dress to be a terrific choice!

Cream Crochet Swing Dress vs. Ivory Crochet Yoke Pleated Tunic

There are two other Topshop crochet dresses that are worth mentioning and comparing to one another. The cream crochet spring dress is a really classic crochet dress that will never go out of style. It is the perfect spring item but could be paired with jeggings and a great jacket and worn even in the winter months. The ivory crochet yoke pleated tunic can also be worn alone in spring or over jeans in the warmer months. These items are similar to one another in many ways and yet they have very different styles. The swing dress is flirtier and more fun and evokes a sense of young purity whereas the tunic is more classic, works for people of many ages and could be appropriate for many different settings including the workplace. These differences highlight some of the different features you will want to look at when trying to find the right crochet dress for you.

Should you get a long crochet dress or a mini crochet dress? This guide can help you decide.


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    MissBella 23 months ago

    Love This Darling, wonderful Hub we have some wonder Dresses


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    All images fantastic. amazing

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    musiz off 5 years ago

    Cute. It's time for me to hunt for my crochet dress in one of the boxes I put away when I moved. Sounds like the in thing. Thanks for sharing.

    I bought a crochet pullover a couple years ago and I just love it. Voted you up once more.

    my webcode are open cart ,and my website is , it sell formal dresses,like party dresses,homecoming dresses and so on.

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    Absolutely yes, this hub must be voted up. I need to share with my wife for further comment. Nice

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    Cute. It's time for me to hunt for my crochet dress in one of the boxes I put away when I moved. Sounds like the in thing. Thanks for sharing.

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    Golfgal - Lisa 6 years ago

    I bought a crochet pullover a couple years ago and I just love it. Voted you up once more.

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    Cameron Dean 6 years ago from New York

    A must get, absolutely adorable.