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Ugg Hat Styles

Updated on January 29, 2011

My previous Ugg reviews have involved footwear, but this article is going to cover hats. Cos, um, I love hats. A lot. And, much as I giggle at the sight of Ugg boots and Ugg flip flops -- I have to confess to having a great big crush on Ugg hats. Don't ask me why, I just do. I think they look pretty cute most of the time. And they seem to look good on anyone, which is always a big plus when hat shopping.

Now, these hat styles aren't necessarily the easiest to find these days, cos they're classic Ugg and some are no longer in production (as far as I could tell). Fortunately, there are loads of online Ugg dealers and you can still find these models on the net. Seriously. There's a whole world of Ugg out there just waiting for you to pop by.

Ugg Rouched Visor Cap

The Ugg Rouched Visor Cap shown here is my fave, fave color of sheepskin. I used to have a coat that would have matched it perfectly. Of course, nowadays you couldn't pay me to wear sheepskin -- but that doesn't mean I don't still think they look nice.

Price: $124

Ugg Ultra Aviator Hat

Would you wear the Ugg Ultra Aviator hat? It kind of reminds of me of John Corbett from his Northern Exposure days. You remember that show, right? He played the morning radio guy. If not, you'll probably recall him as one of Carrie's boyfriends from Sex & the City. Anyway, I guess the point is, this hat would look good on the right person - it certainly looked good on him.

Price: $155

Ugg Logo Bucket Hat

Does this hat scream M*A*S*H, or what? Could you see Henry wearing this? I'll be honest and say it doesn't really appeal to me. But, if you're like the countless peeps out there who love to have a company logo plastered all over the place, this is the hat for you.

Price: $94

Ugg Ultra Flat Top Bucket Hat

The Ultra Flat Top Bucket Hat comes in several colors, and I think it's pretty cute. I could see this on men, women, children, and maybe even a few pets. But not a Chihuahua... that would just be silly. Unless it was Paris Hilton's Chihuahua, in which case, he probably already has one. Except his has probably been enhanced with diamonds and other doggie bling.

Price: $124


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