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Uncut Cloth : A Story

Updated on August 19, 2017
Traditional Saree
Traditional Saree

Uncut clothes represents the culture and aesthetic ideals of the generation who has been living in various parts of the subcontinent . Though the influence from western culture have led to the adoption of stitched garments from the new generation in most areas , but still eastern and southern areas of the subcontinent continue to adhere traditional styles of draped costumes . The diversity of the traditions in the subcontinent is reflected by the use of the draped clothes in the different areas and that makes it interesting for the people who wants to study the history and culture of the region .

Uncut Cloth As They Say

Saree : Saree is the most generally used form of uncut cloth worn by women in the subcontinent . It is basically a strip of unstitched cloth draped over the body in different styles . The color of the saree is an important aspect as well , widows wear white saree , older women wear dark tones while bright colors are frequently used by young ladies . Wedding saree is often red or pink . The saree is generally worn over petticoat(lahanga) and blouse , in some parts half saree(odhanis) are worn with skirts(ghagras) .

Indian women wearing saree
Indian women wearing saree

Styles Of Draping a Saree : Women in the subcontinent are very fond of sarees and the style of the saree is part of their fashion statement . There are more than 80 decorated ways of wearing a saree . Women in different areas have their own way of draping a saree . Like in Gujarati version, instead of opening to the left, the pleats are tucked so that they open to the right. Then, the pallu is taken to the back and brought over the right shoulder. Then there is Tamil style , maharastrian way , Bengali style and so on.

Different ways of drapping a Saree
Different ways of drapping a Saree

How to drap a saree

Turbans : Headgear is an important part of costume of many communities in the subcontinent . A turban on a man's head signifies honor,respect and pride of the person .For Sikhs wearing the turban, which they refer to as Dastar or Pagg, is an important religious observance . Turbans come in many shapes, sizes, and colors which reveals the class , caste , profession of the person.

Punjabi man wearing a turban
Punjabi man wearing a turban

Styles of Turbans : The type of cloth used as turban display the identity and origin of the wearer . Also people in different areas have their own specific way of tying a turban . In Rajasthani style , the cloth of the turban is multicolored and long in length , folded like a thread so it can be easily draped . The sikh pagdi is usually single colored and without knots . There are more than 50 different styles of turban used in the subcontinent itself .

Different styles of turbans
Different styles of turbans

How to tie an Indian Turban

Shawls and Kambals : Shawl is a woven cloth loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms by women . The shawl usually consist of many designs and colors whereas kambal is somewhat simpler in design and worn by man . The fine Pashmina Shawls of kashmir are well known .The most expensive shawl called shatoosh is made from the beard hairs of wild ibex and is so fine that the whole shawl can be pulled through small finger ring .

Woman Wearing a Shawl
Woman Wearing a Shawl

Dhoti and Ghagras : Dhoti is a traditional Indian dress worn by men . It is a unstitched piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted around the waist . A Dhoti may be draped in number of ways but most common style involves the cloth being wrapped around the waist and legs with one end pulled through legs as shown in image below . Another simple style of dhoti known as lungi is simply wrapped around the waist in form of a long skirt . Ghagras are embroidered long skirts worn by women with cholis and kurtas .

Indian Dhoti
Indian Dhoti


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