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Untangling Your Hair Using Styling Tools

Updated on December 18, 2011

Not untangling your hair before or while brandishing a hair dryer can leave you with a head full of snarls, making it difficult to achieve a hairstyle fit for a goddess. Brushing through tangles after your hair dries may cause tangled portions to break off, leaving you with damaged hair. Taking a few extra minutes to work through tangled hair ensures that you have the ability to give yourself a smooth, sleek blow out.

Even Short Hair Can Get Tangled



Purchasing blow dryer attachments that fit onto the end of your dryer may help you untangle your hair while drying. Look for an attachment that gives you combing action, so you can detangle hair while drying, cutting down on styling time. Combing picks may feature wide spaced or narrow spaced teeth. You may need to switch between the two, depending on the size and severity of tangles. Once your hair is free of snarls, you can switch to a concentrator attachment, which will direct more heat to small sections of hair, allowing you to straighten hair quicker.

Manual Tools

Using a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair may help avoid damage and breakage that can occur when you use a brush on wet hair. Patiently work on the outside portion of the tangled area, slowly working your way to the center of the problem. Use a round brush to help smooth hair while blow drying to keep hair from becoming tangled.

Styling Formulas

Using a leave-in conditioner may make your hair more pliable and keep it from tangling before you style it. Avoid applying leave-in conditioner to the roots of your hair, or the crown of your head might end up looking like an oil slick. Another option is to spritz some detangling spray on areas that tend to knot up, like on the underside of your hair, near your neck. Use your fingers or a comb to work the detangling product through your hair before blow drying.


While towel drying your hair after washing your hair, avoid twisting your locks so you don’t cause more tangling. Gently squeeze hair to extract excess water. When working through a tangled section of hair, you might have the urge to use overzealous force with your styling tools. However, the goal is not to rip the snarl out of your hair, so leave your mighty bicep strength outside the bathroom door. If your hair tends to become matted while you’re getting your beauty rest, try tying it back before bed.


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