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Use a Coffee Scrub to Get Smooth and Fresh Skin in 20 Minutes

Updated on February 21, 2019

Some may think that coffee has many benefits to health when taken only as a drink, but surprisingly, coffee has many benefits even if it is used as a scrub for peeling the face and all parts of the body, It is usual that any scrub containing the coffee is called a coffee scrub.

Therefore, we often find that cosmetic and skin care experts recommend the use of coffee as a mask for face and body to get a smooth and freshness skin in a few minutes.

Coffee scrub ingredients

  • 1 1/4 teaspoon of ground coffee.
  • 1 teaspoon of white sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • A small amount of vanilla.
  • From 3/4 to 1 teaspoon of Jojoba oil.
  • A small amount of rose water.
  • Optional, put from half teaspoon to a full teaspoon of sweet almond oil.

How to prepare

  • In the beginning, grind the white and brown sugar well in the milling machine.
  • Bring a small bowl to mix all the ingredients of the scrub.
  • Put the ground sugar, coffee and vanilla in the bowl and turn them well.
  • In this step, the rose water and jojoba oil should be placed on the powder mixture located in the bowl.
  • The ingredients must be stirred thoroughly until they become a paste.

How to use

  • Before anything, put the rose water on your face.
  • Use your middle and index fingers to take the scrub and place it on the face in a circular way, from the bottom up.
  • Warning: Do not place the scrub in the eye area.
  • Leave the scrub on the face for 15 to 20 minutes no more.
  • Use lukewarm water to remove the scrub from the face and remove it from the forehead area in a T-shaped form.
  • Place the rose water on a piece of cotton to wipe the face and then put your moisturizing cream.

Other uses for this scrub

This scrub can also be used in peeling:

  • Elbow.
  • Knee.
  • The area above the feet from the back (Achilles tendon).

Benefits of the components of this scrub

  • First benefits of coffee for the skin

The coffee contains many antioxidant compounds, which delay the appearance of facial wrinkles, in addition to the coffee helps to increase the freshness of the skin, as it helps stimulate blood circulation if used in natural mixtures.

It is worth to be mentioned Coffee also helps to get rid of dead skin from the face and whole body in a safe way.

coffee beans
coffee beans | Source
  • Second, the benefits of white sugar for the skin

White sugar keeps skin elastic, reduces the secretion of fat, so it is very good for oily skin and it helps remove dark spots from the skin as well as its ability to open pores and clean them from impurities.

  • Thirdly the benefits of brown sugar for the skin

Brown sugar is usually used in skin peeling. Moreover, it contains some anti-bacterial properties which make it able to cleanse the skin and prevent the appearance of acne and pimples.

If brown sugar is added to some other ingredients such as honey or coconut oil, this helps restore skin luster.

  • Fourth benefits of jojoba oil for the skin

Jojoba oil is usually used as a natural and non-chemical moisturizer for the skin. It is also a natural cleanser for pores, so it is used to get rid of the pimples and blackheads that many people suffer.

It is noteworthy that Jojoba oil is able to fight signs of aging, especially wrinkles and fine lines, because it contains a large amount of vitamin E.

Although Jojoba oil has many advantages, there are some things to consider about using that oil in particular, such as:

  1. Buy Jojoba oil pure and free from impurities.
  2. Some prefer to use Jojoba oil to increase the density of hair, but at times Jojoba oil may cause clogged hair follicles and this leads to hair loss, so it should be used moderately.
  • Fifthly, benefits of sweet almond oil for the skin

If you add sweet almond oil to that scrub, this will help to unify the skin color and whiten it. In addition, the sweet almond oil alone can delay the appearance of wrinkles and prevent the occurrence of skin cracks.

And for those who suffer from dark circles under the eye, the best solution to this problem is using the sweet almond oil. You can put a little sweet almond oil in your hands to make it warm and then use the finger ring to put the oil down the eye from the outside to the inside.

Sweet almond oil is also used to peel and clean the skin by mixing a teaspoon of it with a teaspoon of sugar and salt, which this mixture helps to rid the skin of impurities, acne and blackheads.

It is worth mentioning that sweet almond oil can be used to nourish and strengthen hair follicles, as it helps in the elimination of hair cortex.

Coffee Types

Arabica Coffee
Robusta Coffee
Round shape
Accounting for 70% of world coffee production
Accounting for 30% of the world's coffee production
It is acidic
Contains high caffeine
Its flavor tends to flowers or cherries
Low acidity and high bitterness
It is cultivated in highlands such as Mexico, Ethiopia and Brazil
It is cultivated in Indonesia, India and Vietnam

Face Coffee Scrub

Facial skin is usually peeled by age and skin type. If your skin is oily, peel it once or twice a week but if your skin is dry, peel it only once a week, so you should know the type of your skin at first to have the ability to know the right ways to take care of it.


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