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Uses of Apple Watch and Must Have Accessory to Match Your Activities

Updated on December 21, 2016

An Apple watch also known as iWatch is something handier than an iPhone which can be connected with the latter in order to do your running and walking activities or make use of your apps anytime and anywhere even without your iPhone. Exciting things you can do with an iWatch include tracking of your walks and runs, monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure, answer and send calls and messages, get map directions, browse photos and many more. These things you can do even under water or even while doing other activities such as your daily exercises or while cooking, doing laundry and others.

Use your iPhone even when you are busy with the Apple watch.
Use your iPhone even when you are busy with the Apple watch.

Connect Your iWatch with Your iPhone to Monitor Health

Connecting the Apple watch with iPhone is a bit time-consuming but once paired, you will surely enjoy the extravagant convenience it could serve you. Every application in your iPhone can be accessed through your iWatch like for example apps such as those you installed to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, even your fertility period, and cholesterol levels. With an Apple watch, you can easily operate and access as well as be notified by these interesting applications. Have you ever heard about how users say about their own experiences regarding these benefits? If you haven’t then try searching the web to be notified.

Other Things You can Do with an Apple Watch

While it is true that it works well with an iPhone, an Apple watch can be operated differently. It has a small wheel on the side (like those you see in non-digital watches) which has various functions. It works by clicking it to go to the home or the watch face. It also works with Siri which accepts voice commands. This fits those who are still into the learning process. Siri is a great help that can assist you navigate from an app to another app. The wheel or crown can also be clicked twice to go back to the last app you just used. Really exciting, isn’t it?

Aside from maximizing its usage with your numbers of iPhone applications, you can also dress it up to match your outfit and activities. There is always an Apple watch band to fit your own personality and outfit. With the numbers of third party watch band manufacturers, you can have your own collection of various Apple watch band. You can have something made out of different materials such as leathers, rubbers or Milanese loops.

Maximize your Apple watch usage and dress it up according to your outfit and activity for the day.
Maximize your Apple watch usage and dress it up according to your outfit and activity for the day.

Read my previous article to know more about the Apple watch leather band and Milanese loop. I have also written about rubber-made Apple watch band particularly called the Apple Watch Nike plus which is great for athletes. And if you are a swimmer, because the Apple watch is water-proof and this Apple watch band has the same feature, then this is surely one good addition to your collection of watch bands. If you are still in doubt, you can just follow our link below to read what users are saying about the product. Also, read more from my posts to get additional ideas about an Apple watch band.


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