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At Home with Cashmere

Updated on August 23, 2012
 cushion cover (reverse) made from cashmere
cushion cover (reverse) made from cashmere
Duck Egg Blue Cushion Cover
Duck Egg Blue Cushion Cover

Cushion Covers

If you already love cashmere you will probably be aware that the touchy feely experience does not have to be limited to just wearing it, as that wonderful softness can be brought into your home to bring an element of luxury and comfort to each day.

Cushions are lovely and cuddly! Many of us love to sit with a cushion on our lap. Every home has a cushion of some kind adorning a bed, sofa or a chair. These are frequently made from silk or cotton but cashmere provides a luxurious gentle warmth and lightness of weight, plus that characteristic fluffy bloom across the surface, which develops as time goes by.

Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover
Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover

Hot Water Bottle Covers

Keeping warm when in bed or simply snuggled up on the sofa is easy with your hot water bottle, but the experience can be enhanced by putting a protective cashmere cover over it for that ultimate soft and warming feeling. A cover serves to stop the hot water bottle being too hot and gives the bottle a much nicer soft touch.

cashmere wheat pillow cover
cashmere wheat pillow cover

Wheat Pillow Covers

You can now find a cashmere cover for your wheat pillow or wheat bag, meaning aches and pains can benefit from the magically light touch of this lovely fabric too, as well as looking nice in your home. Wheat pillows or wheat bags as they can also be called, are good at relieving all manner of pain and also double up as a hotty if you prefer the idea to a hot water bottle.

Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, colours, fabrics and can be plain or patterned. They are frequently made from wool or cotton but more luxury throws can be found made from cashmere. They can be used to add a splash of colour to a room or to simply tone in. You can wrap them round you or use purely to adorn your furniture, or for maximum benefit why not use them both ways?

Throws and blankets can be quite small, like a shawl size, or as large as a full size blanket. They can be used to decorate beds, sofas and chairs. Small blankets are lovely and gentle for babies skin. Cashmere can be blended with silk or cotton which alters the feel and appearance accordingly and this also reduces the price significantly. Like many things in life it is not the size that matters particularly but the lightweight yet warm properties that make products made from cashmere so very practical.


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    • profile image

      Lucy 5 years ago

      I never realised you could get a cushion cover in cashmere, what a wonderful idea!