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Using Sea Salt to clear up your skin: Learn a few ways to keep your skin Glowing with sea salt

Updated on October 10, 2016
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Hello, everyone, I am an entrepreneur, health enthusiast, and blogger that is building a new life.

Why you should take care of your body

Taking care of your body is one of the best gifts you can give your body over the years of your life. It not only good for you, but it is also essential for your health and the longevity in the long future to come. I mean who doesn't like to look and feel good, making your skin glow can help you achieve that. How about learning a simple way to exfoliate your body every day and take care of the largest organ of your body.

Do You think beautiful skin are just for the stars?

Making a simple Sea Salt body, Scrub can help with achieving a beautiful glowing skin. Fair skin that glows is not just for your dreams; you have the ability to not only get your skin clearer but to keep it clear. Achieving beautiful skin is not just for the models and TV stars, but everyday people can clear up their skin just as well.

Your body Scrub

Your skin and acne breakouts

Watching what you use on your skin can make a BIG difference in the result you achieve with your care routine. When you use regular store soap, it can leave unwanted residue on your skin that may react in ways that cause breakouts. Irritations to the skin can cause a breakout that leave you with an unwanted breakout. Other causes like oil and bacteria can also cause your skin to move on the bad side; you may have breakouts with that also. Most people usually sweat during the day; you want to make sure you are clear all that sweat away from your skin. Your skin can have breakouts because of your stress level or your hormones. Pay attention to your skin routines and how it reacts, a good key to that is keeping your skin clean and exfoliated.

Baking Soda Homemade Exfoliating scrub for Clean, Smooth Skin

Alessi All Natural Italian Sea Salt

The difference between them and the right kind of Sea Salt

When you make your body scrub you should always keep one thing in mind, the quality of the product you use. You want to buy good quality salt that will help cleanse your body best and not react to your skin. Remember you will be using this salt not to eat but to scrub your skin, use good quality salt.

A few of the companies that makes sea salt do have their quality and you want to consider all of them. They are both different in texture, and the processing of each is very different. When sea salt is being processed, it starts with being evaporated from the ocean water or water from a saltwater lake, for the most part, it requires little processing. If you look them over and the location of the water it comes out a little different each time. It can have a few trace of mineral and elements that remains. That also gives the salt a different taste and color in various coarseness levels when you see the final product. Now table salt is different because it start out in a dry area for the most part. They mined it from underground salt deposits, in that case, it comes much more process than your sea salt. This is to eliminate the natural minerals that also comes with an additive that is to prevent the clumping. Most people also consume table salt with its iodine that is nutrient to help you maintain a healthy thyroid. When using salt both sea salt and table salt have the same amount of nutritional value. When you want to make a body scrub, try to find the best sea salt that works for your skin type. Take a look at a few companies and the type of sea salt the produce:

Himala Salt, Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt

•Sustainable Sourcing
•The Purest Salt on Earth
•Certified Gluten-Free
•Non-GMO Project Verified
•Kosher Parve

The purest salt on earth created 250 million years ago during environmental integrity & sourced deep from within the remote Himalayas; it is free of impurities - unlike table salt or sea salt from our polluted oceans.

HimalaSalt is lovingly produced in our chemical-free facility that is Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, and Green-e Certified. We hold ourselves to the highest quality, purity, and safety standards for your well-being.

Other Ingredients

100% pure Himalayan salt.

No Additives.

Eden Foods, Sea Salt

•Hand Harvested
•French Celtic

Eden French Sea Salt is from the Bay of Biscay of the Brittany Isles where for 2,200 years salt farmers have hand harvested sea salt from treasured salt marshes. The sun was baked, and windswept tide pools create crystals that are stone ground. It is a wealth of trace minerals, mellow and smooth. Real sea salt from ancient traditional methods.

Other Ingredients

Sea salt

This salt has no iodine added, an essential nutrient.

Bob's Red Mill, Sea Salt, All Natural

•Premium Quality
•You Can See Our Quality!

Bob's Red Mill Sea Salt is made from purified Pacific sea water by an all natural evaporation process. It has a high sodium chloride content and contains all of the minerals that are usually refined out of ordinary earth salt. Sea Salt is excellent for both table and cooking use.

Feel Like A Supper Star

Use natural skin care friendly products

When you purchase products use the ones that best benefits your skin and not add residue to your skin when you use it. Look for natural products like making your body scrub that can be with just a few ingredients.

The Price difference in names

Bob's Red Mill, Sea Salt, All Natural
64 oz (1.81 kg)
HimalaSalt, Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt
6 oz (170 g)
Eden Foods, Sea Salt
16 oz (453 g)
** The price on the board is not the usual store price but online specials, for more info follow my website.

Tips in Buying Sea Salt

When you go out and purchase sea salt think on the name brand. Make it a rule to always look for the quality signs on the product.

•Look for natural products
•Find labels for health companies
•Look for a 'USDA' sign
•Look for the texture you want to use
•Find good neutral reviews on products
The Benefits of using a body scrub

Your DIY body scrub and making time to make it

When you want to make, your body scrub make sure you do not discourage yourself getting started or finishing. The key is to set a few rules for yourself and have a fun experience while you are in the process. Check out some of the things I try when I am at home making my DIY projects.

•Pick a day when you have free time
•Make sure you have all your products
•Make your surrounding easy to work with
•Have a little of your favorite music playing while you work
•Clean as you go to cut on your workload

The Benefits of using a body scrub

A Body Scrub is not just another part of your bath routine, you can receive great benefits from a daily use. Using this as part of your daily bath can give your skin many benefits like a beautiful glow, daily exfoliation, help you circulate blood flow, help with cellulite and aging, and nice of all help you relax in the end. See how you can radiate in your everyday life when you go out, shine like a star when your out.

If you want to see your beautiful skin the best way is to get the dead skin cells off your beautiful skin. When your skin is exfoliated your cells get a chance to regenerate and renew themselves to look and feel great. Think on when to exfoliate, focus especially in the spring and fall for when your skin is transitioning. This is where your skin will get its glow, you want your skin to shine after a bath exfoliate the dead skin away. Your body will also receive the benefits of blood circulation. When you use a body scrub you are not only scrubbing your body but also helping your blood circulate. If you notice that your hand naturally move in a circular motion when your are using your body scrub. Help your blood circulate and move around to keep your body even more with the blood flow. If you are worried about cellulite or may see signs of them, using a body scrub may help you a little to get rid of them. You can try it out with your regular shower routines and see if you experience a difference in your body.

Remember if you are the type that go to a spa on a regular basis it is nice t get a body scrub. On the other hand you may think that it is a little expensive to make your own body scrub but a simple salt scrub can be made at home. In the end making a body scrub only takes minutes and well worth the time and effort you put into creating one to use.

**Remember to consider your skin type, if you have sensitive skin you may want to use a sugar or an herbal scrub to start out with to help keep your skin nice.

Feel Great After a nice Body Scrub

Your Skin type and Body Scrubs

What type of body scrub work best for your skin type?

See results

A simple piece of happiness

The living is not just about getting through life every day, just a little special thing can make a big difference in your life. Using a body scrub can be one of those little perks in your life, that can be all the fun you need. Every day after work when you shower use a little body scrub to make you feel special. After your shower, you will feel alive and just refresh from the days work.

© 2014 Kerby Mellon


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