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Visiting the Premiere Hair & Beauty Show

Updated on August 17, 2011
--2010 Premiere Hair and Beauty Expo Exhibitor --
--2010 Premiere Hair and Beauty Expo Exhibitor --

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The Premiere Hair & Beauty Expo has to be my favorite event to visit. I was amazingly blessed to be invited to the huge, exclusive show last year. This year, I was flattered and thrilled to have been invited back again! Woo hoo! The show is a must for anyone in the Beauty industry. This year, we welcomed a whopping 48,000 visitors. I completed day one today and decided to write to you about it while replenishing my printed information for round two tomorrow.

You could not begin to imagine the excitement. Today we had nearly 9 hours or pure adrenaline, high energy music, amazing and outrageous hair fashion, upcoming trend information and products, DEALS galore, and so much more. The show is exclusive in that you must be in the business to be able to get in. I have to admit that it does make me feel cool! I have been lucky enough to have met distributors for amazing products like Moroccan Hair Oil and Products, Keratine, and so much more. If you ever get in so good with your beauty professionals that you are chosen to enter into this Garden of Eden of Hair and Beauty just to help carry your host/hostess' loot, here are some things that you should know.

Bring CASH! Everyone accepts credit cards, however, inside the convention center you will encounter some dead spots. You will not find these deals for the public, don't loose the rare opportunity (because they are strict about you coming) to get an awesome deal.

Bring some kind of contact/business card. Play the card swap game. These people come from everywhere. They are not local. On the off chance that you are given the opportunity to order again later, it would really help if you had their contact info. If not, least you had it once in your life, right?

The show is very high fashion. Come however you like, you will see everything. That being said, you might want to leave the high heels at home or bring some flats as a spare. You walk through an ocean of amazing booths. They offer demos as well, heels can get in the way of these. If all else fails, you can check out the reflexology guys who will treat your feet like royalty for ten minutes and twenty bucks.

Bring a bag or cart, with WHEELS! Even the smallest bag can get troublesome after a few hours. Besides, I did mention the deals, right? A few times? I mean the show catalogue is bigger than a lot of popular magazines. That is a lot to see.

Food! Well, It is an expo in a convention center. It is easier if you just come to the realization that leaving would be a little crazy and the gourmet priced hotdog and other not so healthy choices will have to do for today. To reduce some of those costs, maybe bring a drink or two with you.

Last few things...

If you are in school for anything related to this industry, go to the show! In some cases you get credit and you really should get used to it early!

The Orlando Show is bigger than the Miami Show right now. NY and Vegas are huge if you get the chance to catch those.

Thinking about become an exhibitor? I am hugely blessed. I get to go as a guest of an established booth. You may consider the booth to be pricey, but if you have something good to offer it is a huge opportunity. Many of the Spas and Salons that carry my products from other states found me at the Expo!

Well, Its 1 am and I have another fun Expo day. Thanks for reading the post. Hope you enjoyed it...

I better get the coffee out for tomorrow....


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      Thank you Mel, for having me! :D

      Thank Goodness for my Shape Ups!