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Valentine's Day is Coming! What are the BEST Perfumes and Fragrances to Buy for a Woman?

Updated on February 5, 2010

Note: written by Cygstarz's Wife

I LOVE it when my husband gives me perfume. In my opinion, perfume is a very romantic gift. Whether you buy perfume for that special someone for Valentine's Day, Christmas or "just because" (and by the way, listen up men, "just because" gifts REALLY score a lot of bonus points)…perfume is truly a wonderful present. Before I continue, it must be noted that perfume can be a "tricky" gift to buy as different people like different scents. Though I am a true believer in "it's the thought that counts," it is important that you don't waste your money. After all, times are tough people…every penny matters! The more you know about what scents your "special someone" likes…the easier it will be to choose a perfume!

Chanel No. 5 - A timeless classic!
Chanel No. 5 - A timeless classic!

Great Ideas!

Chanel No. 5 – An oldie but a goodie! Chanel No. 5 has been around for a very long time! In fact, it was first distributed in 1921 and has been a best seller ever since. This perfume is fresh, fun and timeless. Although recommended for evening ware, some women wear it during the day as well. Chanel No. 5 possesses a scent of classic florals. You can also detect a slight touch of orange and sandalwood as well. Beautiful!  


Bath and Body Works - P.S. I Love You! – I received a bottle of P.S. I Love You for Christmas. My sister loves this scent and thought I would too! P.S. I Love You is sold at all Bath and Body Works locations and of course, on the internet as well. Though it is inexpensive…most women will love its fresh, light, spring-like scent. Just be careful boys…some women might take the name of this fragrance literally! While I'm talking about Bath and Body works…it should be noted that they also sell body sprays. Available in MANY different scents such as PearBerry, Blushing Cherry Blossom, and Cotton Blossom…body sprays also make wonderful gifts! If you really want to impress your lady…why not put together a gift basket of body sprays. She will love the gift and be thrilled that you went the extra mile.

Great packaging!
Great packaging!

Harajuku Lovers Fragrances by Gwen Stefani – I received the LOVE version of this fragrance line as a birthday gift and I really like it! A few years ago, Gwen Stefani launched this line of fragrances…and they quickly became popular (especially among Gwen Stefani fans)! First of all, the packaging is unique and fun! Each fragrance comes in a bottle that resembles a Harajuku girl. What is a Harajuku girl? Well, Harajuku is a location in Japan that is famous for the young men and women who hang out there. They dress in loud, interesting and fun clothes (if you have seen any of Gwen Stefani's videos…then you know what I'm talking about). Each fragrance has a different name…Love, Lil Angel and Baby…just to name a few. Obviously each scent smells differently, however, they all are in the same ballpark as they all have a light, floral smell and a few have a hint of musk.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein – This perfume…by far…is my absolute favorite! When I wear Eurphoria by Calvin Klein I almost ALWAYS receive compliments. People constantly ask me…"What perfume are you wearing? It is wonderful!" Euphoria is light and fresh. It smells of exotic fruits and orchids. The best thing about this scent is that it lasts a long time…no reapplying mid day! Euphoria is one of the most popular perfumes sold at department store fragrance counters and is reasonably priced. This one is sure to please just about any woman that enjoys wearing perfume.

Beautiful by Estee Lauder – A favorite among brides on their wedding day, Beautiful is another popular perfume. Sold online and at most department store fragrance counters, this perfume has a delicate, fresh, floral scent. It is not too heavy…nor is it too light. Like Euphoria, Beautiful lasts a long time so there is no need to reapply at lunch time! Reasonably priced, this perfume will cost you approximately $60 and makes a wonderful gift.


So there you have it….five wonderful fragrances…any of which would make a wonderful Valentine's Day present for that special person in your life. It should be noted that many of the scents that are mentioned above are also available as lotions as well. If you are feeling extra generous…why not package a perfume and a lotion together. Good luck in your search for beautiful scents!


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