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Vampire Costumes - Kids, Adults Gothic Gear, Vampire Teeth

Updated on July 19, 2011

Vampire Costumes Store


Vampire Costumes Store

Vampire Costumes Store

Vampires being the most popular monster in the horror genre and generally what a lot of people dress up as during the Halloween season.. Yet, seeking that realistic & expert vampire look has been hard to come by until recently.

Complete professional vampire Gothic costumes are hard to locate on the web. Several people search the world wide web to craft an picture synergistic with their core beliefs. They're exploring for some of the highest quality vampire costumes, gear, & accessories for some of the best prices. From kids, young adults to adults, male or female, Gothic, attractive, or scary vampire goodies.

Vampire Gothic Costumes


Regardless of whether you want vampire costumes to dress up for Halloween or your a blood longing gothic sicko looking to prey on a night out in the town, vampire gear needs to meet the high-demand of the people. Whether it be vampire costumes, Gothic clothes, prosthetics, vampire fangs, vampire contact lenses, medallions, Dracula capes, shoes, or wigs.

In the past few years, many vampire movies & TV series have come out, and may be the biggest reason for the high demand for vampire costumes & accessories.. Sixty vampire pictures & television series alone have released in the past 2 years, and an estimated 25 more to broadcast in the next year.

And the trendy ones that come out transforming a normal everyday person into a powerful creature of the night are the following -- Underworld, Eclipse, Twilight, Let the right one, True Blood & Daybreakers.

With technology becoming more advanced within small screen & films, monsters, and specifically vampires have become more realistic and professional looking with better special effects and FX makeup. This in turn, feeds our desire to dress up and look like one on Halloween..

Gothic vampires also want to incorporate and play the role with Gothic clothing, makeup, special effects vampire contacts, vampire fangs, and boots within their everyday life style.

Vampire Contact Lenses


And is it any wonder why this is the case -- all throughout history vampires are known to have sexual spellbinding beauty, super-natural powers, and keen senses.  They are also known to be mysterious, which is a key attribute women love in men..  And to be equipped with all these strengths & powers will turn any mortal being into a vampire fanatic.

Modern day vampires are on the rise and looking to feed.  They're looking to load their wardrobes with trendy, unique, terrifying, dark Gothic outfits, and/or Halloween costumes.  They're exploring their artistic creativity, and wanting to look like real vampires from the movies with FX makeup kits, unlike the usual uninteresting makeup that are sold regularly.

Vampire Teeth

They want high-quality custom vampire teeth that look real, as opposed to the soft rubbery plastic ones that we used to wear as a kid. They want the demonic & devilish vampire eyes like David (Kiefer Sutherland) - Lost Boys, Bram Stoker's Dracula. or Lestat from Interview With A Vampire..

They want the prosthetics to change the mold of their face -- from human being faces into evil demonic looking vampires, like "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".


Vampire Prosthetics

They want shoes that will go along with the look, like red & black stylized shoes and high heels. They want to dress up in a full vampire outfit with added accessories to finalize the look such as medallions, gloves and hats.

Click Here To Learn About All The Style Vampire Costumes & Accessories We Have To Offer


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