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Various Types of Fogless Shower Mirrors – Choose Your Type!

Updated on July 3, 2016

Mirrors are essential commodities of every household. We all need them for several reasons and always need a perfect one to keep a check on our looks.

Fogless shower mirrors are quite popular these days; you get it in retails sanitary ware stores and also via online stores. With negligible price, you can get a long term solution to the foggy hours in the toilet and struggling through the mirrors to get a clear view before shaving. These fogless shower mirrors for shaving work on the theory of getting it heated at a temperature higher than the water vapour or condensation due to the shower and thus NO mist can settle on the mirror surface. Isn't it cool? The market has many models and styles of these shaving mirrors, we shall discuss here about some of these wonderful units.

Shower Mirror with Squeegee – These mirrors are designed in a way that fog cannot settle over this ever and till date this is the highest rated products in the market. The prime reason for its popularity is its attributes are carefully made keeping in mind the user’s needs. It has an adjustable frame for the entire family usage. All you need to do is fill up the given reservoir with hot water just before you step into the shower and you get the desired reflection for sure! You can fix this shaving mirror to the shower with the help of soft silicone adhesive. This definitely does not damage your shower but will prove to be more durable than suction cups.

Razor Hook Shower Mirror – In case you are on the search for something more affordable and also ensures of quality, go for this type! This type of fogless shower mirror hangs from your shower with the help of a hook; but if you wish you can also use adhesive to affix, but suction cups cannot be used with this model. This model is highly portable and you can easily carry it to the sink from shower if needed. Enjoy a 100% fog-free experience with this shower powered model – all you will have to do is run it through the shower stream in order to activate.

Suction Fog Free Shower Mirror – This is a versatile shower mirror model that is of fogless nature and also holds all of your shaving materials for your ease at one place. The mirror has adjustable lights and you can surely now shave even if the surroundings are dark. The added fixture is a shelf and can be fixed with suction cups. The exterior appearance is of stainless steel that suits any bathroom decor. The price is moderate and surely a good try.

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Fog-Free Travel Mirror for Shaving – When you are travelling and lodging seems quite far, yet shaving is important at the moment – it can be a difficult situation. This travel fogless mirror has large enough reflective surface and has a room for keeping your bathroom stuff as well. It is made of unbreakable glass.

Heated Fog-Free Shower Mirror – In these fogless mirrors, you need to put any coatings or chemicals to get the fog free appearance, but it uses low-voltage electrical current to heat its heating pad and give the fogless look. There are a variety of sizes available for this model.

Do You Know How to Buy A Fogless Mirror?

Just going straight away to the market for picking your choice of mirror will not work.To buy a right mirror a number of factors needs to be considered. Those factors include:

Light - Light is an important source to help you get the best and effective shave done. Buy a mirror in which the reflection is clear. If the reflective unit is weak, even the source of light will not come out well.

Shatter resistance - it is very common to see mirror hangers falling down, leaving breaks and scratches on the unit. It is necessary to buy a break resistant unit to avoid such a situation. This will not only save your mirror, but will save you money too.

I recently bought one of these mirrors and feel that I have done a great job by doing so. It is awesome to see yourself in a mirror that is as clear as a crystal. Just love it!


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