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Vera Bradley Purses and Accessories - Style that BOTH Teens and Adults Can Agree Upon!

Updated on January 30, 2010
The print that this Vera Bradley purse is made from is called "Hannah."
The print that this Vera Bradley purse is made from is called "Hannah."

The other day I asked my Niece what she would like for her birthday and her reply was "A Vera Bradley purse and wallet!" "Ok," I told her as I hugged her goodbye (all the time pretending to know what in the world a Vera Bradley purse actually was). When I got home I told my wife what my Niece asked for and she said…"Really! I would like one too…they are adorable." Once again, I was OUT when it comes to knowing what is IN!

Vera Bradley is an American company that was founded by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley in 1982 (it was named after Barbara's mother). Ms. Bradley and Ms. Miller were people watching one day while waiting for a flight and noticed that there was a lack of not only nice looking purses…but feminine looking luggage as well. They were inspired by this revelation and the rest as they say…is history! Their main headquarters (just in case you ever want to stop by for a visit) is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Adorable Vera Bradley Backpack!
Adorable Vera Bradley Backpack!

The Vera Bradley Company employs over 200 regular employees and over 800 contractors. They sell many wonderful items including handbags, wallets, eyeglass cases, luggage and cosmetic cases…just to name a few! Vera Bradley purses (as well as most of their other items) are made out of cotton, are light weight and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Recently, they came out with a new line which, in fact, is made out of microfiber. New microfiber pieces are released approximately two times per year with the most recent line being black with electric blue and charcoal stitching. Interesting! Needless to say, the new line has been a huge success not only among older women but the teen scene as well.

Vera Bradley purses have been such a big hit…the company decided to come out with other products in order to expand their inventory. Not only can you buy purses, wallets and luggage, they now have branched out into the world of stationery (which includes writing paper, pencils, notebooks, binders and cards). Oh, and before I forget…you can also purchase flip-flops, beach towels and sunglasses! If you cannot find anything that you like among all of the Vera Bradley merchandise that I have already mentioned…don't worry…you can always check out the special items within the Vera Bradley Limited Edition Accessories (including the Pet Collection, Seaside Collection, the Island Collection and the Resort Collection).  

Vera Bradley "Weekender"
Vera Bradley "Weekender"

The Vera Bradley Company is definitely an American success story! When you purchase a Vera Bradley product not only are you patronizing a company that lives and thrives within the good old USA, you support Breast Cancer Research as Vera Bradley is a big advocate! In fact, whenever they sell a product from the Pink Elephant, Pinwheel Pink and the Hope Garden lines, they donate money. Not bad!

So there you have it…everything you ever wanted to know about Vera Bradley. The next time you over-hear someone talking about the latest and greatest Vera Bradley Purse…you can impress them by joining in the conversation and actually know what you are talking about! Here's to Vera Bradley…fashion and function…all rolled into one!


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