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Vera Wang New Minimalist Fall Collection

Updated on September 7, 2010

Vera Wang has never been a name to watch, it's been a name to wear, and the Vera Wang Fall collection is no exception to that rule. In a few other pieces, I've mentioned this 'new minimalist' trend that is emerging this fall, and I do hope you've been paying attention, for in Vera Wang's collection, the new minimalist theme is brought to life with a deliciously classical style that puts me in mind of Audrey Hepburn (though she'd probably insist on a pair of silk gloves, if I know her, which of course, I don't.)

For those who were chewing gum and day dreaming about regency gentlemen during the trend briefing, the new minimalist look is easily defined and recognized. There are simple colors, clean cuts, and interesting silhouettes. To the designer's credit, many of her ready to wear pieces fulfill the 'interesting silhouette' criteria without making the wearer look utterly outlandish, which is no small feat.

The first item of the collection to catch my eye is essentially a pantsuit, though to call it a pantsuit feels base and dirty and entirely inappropriate. The shoulders are accented not with the clunky shoulder pads of the 80's, but with delicious lace ruffles that add visual weight, yet still leave the wearer looking more feminine than androgynous.

Other points to note in the collection are the military inspired jackets, complete with high waisted belts. These are complimented with fur trim, completing the fall trend trifecta without so much as breaking a sweat.

The brilliant thing about many of  these Vera Wang ready to wear pieces is that they really have all the hallmarks of being instant classics. Though they're completely on trend points, they're also elegant and classic enough to hold a cherished place in your wardrobe for years to come – until they are dug out by eager young hands in the year 2040 and cooed over for their retro style.

Of course, it's not all staid minimalism and safety. Even within the bounds of the new fall trends, Vera Wang has made room for innovation and even a little trend bucking. This evening dress, for instance, pretty much hits all the new minimalism notes (interesting silhouette, simple colors), yet there's something very brash and bold about it. This is not a dress for a shrinking violet, this is a dress for a woman who can handle her hips being puffed about for style.

Vera Wang is not for the timid, her looks are strong, bold and unique.

Dareya weara Vera?


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