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Vibram Five Fingers

Updated on August 19, 2009

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Review

Buying Vibram Five Fingers Shoes... Great Choice!

Well these shoes have been out for quite a while now, but they have not really caught on a whole lot. At first I wasn't surprised at this due to the extremely odd look of these shoes. They are relatively cheap though compared to most $100+ shoes that I usually get, so one day I went on the internet and bought myself a pair of the Vibram Five Finger Sprint's. They took a little while to get used to since they are completely different than any other shoe that I have worn before, but after a couple days of wearing them around the house and yard they actually started to become extremely comfortable. I still only wore these shoes around the house due to the fact that I didn't think they were the nicest shoes to look at, and personally I did not want to wear these out in public. I took these Vibram Sprint’s out camping with me one weekend with a bunch of friends since they were said to be great for hiking, climbing, kayaking and other activities which are usually done while out camping. The first time I brought these shoes out to go out on the lake, my friends all laughed and it became a great conversation topic for a while. Everyone thought that they were actually really interesting shoes and wanted to try them on although most people couldn’t fit in them since they are so closely matched to your foot size. After a weekend camping though, most of my friends were actually interested in trying to find a pair for themselves after the reviews that they got from me, so I decided I would post a hub here in case anyone is on the fence about these and wants some personal experience from someone who now wears these Vibram Shoes out in public often. There are many different reasons that I will be touching on in this hub as to why these shoes are great, but mostly they fall under two categories which include Medical Benefits and also Social Benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Vibram Five Finger Shoes

These shoes were designed to give you the feeling of being barefoot while still having complete protection for your feet. Some of the medical benefits which these shoes help with are separating your toes, lifting your arches, improving your knee action and also improving your lower back fitness. Much of the foundation for our bodies comes from the lower part of our bodies including our legs, knees and backs. These Vibram Five Finger Shoes help to improve the lower section of your body by adding strength and flexibility to the lower body. Since regular shoes have a flat bottom there is limited movements in which your feet can make in the shoes which means that regular shoes do not help to strengthen or flex any muscles in your feet or legs. The Vibram Five Finger shoes on the other hand are extremely flexible, and help to strengthen and flex your muscles anytime you are climbing, running, doing martial arts or even when you are simply walking. People are generally most comfortable when they are barefoot due to the fact that your toes are spread rather than compressed along with many other reasons. I’m sure most people out there would rather go barefoot around their house if they were most worried about comfort instead of walking around in socks. If this is true, why wouldn’t people want to be barefoot anytime they are outside? The Vibram Five Finger shoes give people the opportunity to be comfortable anywhere they go, and they also give major medical benefits to people who may have wear ankles, knees, or even a bad back. I have noticed since buying a pair that these shoes have really helped my feet feel better after a long day. I’m sure all of you can relate to a time where you had to be cramped in your shoes all day long and when you finally got home you were incredibly relieved to take your shoes off and let your feet “breathe” a little bit. With these Vibram Five Finger shoes, your feet are able to be comfortable all day long while wearing them, and after a complete day of wearing these shoes I in no way look forward to getting out of them like I used to when I had regular shoes.

 Social Benefits of Vibram Five Fingers

Well I will start out by simply saying that many people who see these shoes out on the street are intrigued by their look and either take a really good look at them or even start a conversation because of them. These shoes are great for starting a conversation with people. I cannot count the number of times since I have bought these shoes that people have stopped me asking things such as:
“What are those?”
“Where did you buy those?”
And many other related questions.
I’m sure if any of you have seen these shoes, the very first time you saw them you were very intrigued by them and either took a really good look at them, laughed about them, or even asked someone about them. This is something that I like about wearing these out in public. They are a major conversation starter with people, and it definitely provides an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, or just have friendly conversation with people.
One day me and a couple of my friends also decided that we were going to wear our Vibram Five Finger shoes out to a club one night just because we love them that much and thought it would be funny. You’d be amazed at how much of a hit these were at the club that we went to. If you are out to try and meet people at the club, these are something that can help you a ton! Drunk people seem to love shoes with toes built in... There were people coming up to my friends and I all night and engaging us in conversation which mostly started because of the shoes. They are great for getting people’s attention, and once you have people’s attention it is much easier to engage in a conversation. I am someone who has a hard time finding a conversation to break the ice with, but these shoes definitely provide a simple way to do exactly that.
I am starting to kind of repeat the same facts though in different situations, so I will move on with the final word that these shoes will help you to engage in conversation with different people and they will become a great discussion topic anytime you take them somewhere or show them off.

 Other Benefits

Well there are a lot of benefits that you may have already picked up on or be aware of, but for some people who haven’t I will list a few other benefit’s that these Vibram Five Finger shoes have:
-Machine Washable
-Many different styles and colors to choose from
-Ability to get wet
-Able to do almost any sport in these
-Many Others!

Many uses of Vibram Five Fingers

-Weight Lifting
-Lounging around the house
-Wet sports

This is just a short list of the almost endless possibilities that these shoes provide. The main thing everyone must remember after buying a pair of these shoes is that you will be using muscles in your legs and feet that you have rarely used in the past. This will lead to a few days of pain if you are using these shoes for running or climbing or any other physical exercising. This is not the shoes themselves that are making your feet soar, but the pain is simply coming from all those muscles in your feet and legs that you are targeting which have rarely been used in the past. After the pain started to go away in my feet and legs after a day of exercising I felt extremely good about myself because of the fact that I knew I was building muscles in my feet and legs which help with stability and agility.


If you enjoy or are often active, and love the feeling of being barefooted all the time, you are going to love these shoes. The Vibram Five Finger shoes can be taken anywhere due to the fact that they are so flexible that they can be stored away in luggage very easily.
The main reason that people will likely be stopping themselves from buying these shoes is because of the fact that the look of them is quite odd to some people. The truth is though that most people find them quite interesting after seeing them personally, so for me that would not affect my decision for buying them if I was any of you.
Even if you would never be caught dead wearing these out in public, you should still do what I did and just buy a set to be worn around the house and yard. After you fall in love with the comfort and possibilities that these shoes provide, you will more than likely begin wearing them out more and more until one day you may be like me who wears them almost everywhere. A lot of people out there have shoes or slippers that are meant to be worn around the house more than anything. I personally wear my Vibram five finger shoes around the house most of the time now simply because of the fact that you can go outside to get the mail, go out into your backyard, and then come back in the house all without changing your footwear. Since these Vibram’s don’t have a deep grip, they rarely attract dirt which means that you will not have to fear bringing dirt or grass into the house after being outside.

If anyone out there is on the fence about buying these shoes, my personal opinion is that it is worth it to buy a pair to try out at least. For under $100, you are able to experience something completely new and incredibly comfortable, and even if you rarely wear them, they are worth it just for the experience of trying something new and it is worth it just to have them for around the house.

Thank you very much for reading, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave me a comment since there is likely a lot of stuff that people have questions about that I either skimmed over or forgot to mention since there is so much to touch on. 


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      4 years ago

      Superior thinking desetmtranod above. Thanks!

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      4 years ago

      We need a lot more insghits like this!

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      7 years ago

      Vibram Five Fingers is among the most important improvements within the reputation for Vibram in the News. It will be the exceptional design type based on the form of the actual feet of man and grant not using Vibram in the News stretched to the person. For hundreds of years, individuals have to set up operating the ground, as well as alongside one another present five finger shoes guys families rarely acquire exclusive five finger shoes which will both of those excellent and then we fully understand comfortable.

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Fivefingers are great!! However I have not seen anyone else wearing them in Manchester, England

    • Cls1321 profile image


      9 years ago

      Great Article, Very nice layout and lots of information.


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