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Vintage Lingerie For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

There's nothing like vintage lingerie for rediscovering eras of class, style and sophistication (at least through the rose colored history glasses that come standard at birth).Though modern lingerie certainly has its charms, there is something about old time lingerie that makes lingerie aficionados get quivery at the knees.

Victorian Vintage

These Victorian vintage undergarments will set you back almost 200 bucks, but they're a real piece of history. A satin lined panel provides comfort for the lady or gent, and floral lace matched (or rather, not matched) with leg ruffles makes for an interesting sight.

Vintage Bra

Back in the day, brassieres didn't just cover the breasts, they extended all the way down the ribcage. This probably made for a much tighter fit, and makes vintage brassieres very well suited for lingerie lovers who like to feel as much lingerie against them as possible.

The additional architecture made for additional support, lift, and I would say a little more decorum about the whole brassiere 'thing'.

Vintage Slip

You want more? Oh, there's more. Vintage slips were not only practical, but also very elegant. It's a theme that runs through a great deal of vintage lingerie. Back in those days women were real women, and men could really enjoy wearing their lingerie.

Vintage Corset

Corsets used to be all the rage. there was nothing like strapping your internal organs in and forcing your stomach into your chest cavity to look totally darling. We don't go that far these days (with women being expected to work for their living they have far less time to cripple themselves in the name of beauty, so we prefer functional mutilation in the form of plastic surgery and the like.)

But hey, if you happen to be a fan of that tight snug feeling only obtainable by wearing a corset, then an investment in a vintage corset might just be what you need.

Vintage lingerie certainly isn't cheap, but it is an investment. If you keep it in good condition you can expect to have something for your grandchildren to curiously inherent decades from now. If you choose to wear your vintage lingerie and make it part of your wardrobe, you have a rare change to experience a bygone era.


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    • profile image

      phil 8 years ago

      I quite Agree. I have loved lingere of the 50's and sixties and still do. I think this trend towards supposed equality for women has led to boring clothes for femmes. Because of what manfacturers make available. Dainty panties,slips and petticoats are not readily available. So-called menswear styles are touted,boycut undies,etc. Don't get me wrong,I like some menswear styles,as I can wear them in public,when I don't want to bother fully femming. And they do have a certain sissy appeal. But give me the panties and slips,pettis,etc of the 50-60's ANYTIME