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Difference Between Virgin Peruvian And Virgin Brazilian Weave Hair - Which Is Right For You?

Updated on February 10, 2015
Virgin Weave hair is bundled after being cleaned and disinfected after being harvested from the donors.
Virgin Weave hair is bundled after being cleaned and disinfected after being harvested from the donors. | Source

Peruvian or Brazilian Virgin Weave Hair

There are many hair weave wearers that have been faced with the question of what type of virgin quality weave hair they prefer just to find out because of the matting, shedding and snarling they made the wrong choice by not knowing the difference.

A good hairstylist can access what their clients want and suggest the best hair to use. This is because a professional weave artist has the past experience and feedback from past customer and hair results.

The ability to enhance yourself aesthetically is done the easiest with hair enhancements and is practiced by millions.

Women that wear weaves or wigs want hair that can and will get compliments and enhance their appearance. They want weave hair that is:

  • sexy
  • soft
  • luxurious
  • manageable

Virgin Weave/Extension Hair

Virgin weave hair is free of all structural changes by any chemical process and can be processed to fit your desired curl pattern or color.

Choosing the wrong type of hair can make the difference of your finished product being the eyecatching work of art you expect or the difficult hair that will not maintain the integrity of your style by embarrassing shedding and tangles. Quality virgin weave hair not only will last for almost a year but can be altered to your liken with:

  • relaxers
  • bleach
  • perm
  • hair dye

Virgin Peruvian Weave Hair

Hair can be processed, straighten or curled easily to achieve your desired look.
Hair can be processed, straighten or curled easily to achieve your desired look. | Source

Virgin Peruvian hair is sought after by extension, weave and wig wearers all over the world; celebrities, upscale and everyday people pay the cost for this beautiful hair. Peruvian hair can blend with relaxed African American or other women of color or medium Caucasian hair textures.

  • soft
  • sultry
  • strong
  • luxurious
  • wavy to curly texture

Why Virgin Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair is a full body hair from the west side of South America. The hair is supplied by Indian/Spanish donors in a remote area of Peru where there is small supply bringing the cost up. It is a very full body hair and hard to come by causing the price to be $100 up.

Those purchasing this hair to make weaves or wigs should be aware that less is more. This hair is full of body and could be curly in nature before processing. Using too much can make your style look too full and unnatural. Less is needed when using Peruvian hair. Great for those wanting weightless hair.

Cost of Peruvian Weave Hair

This beautiful hair is one of the most expensive. It will cost at least $100 upward because it is harder to get. The cost is a non issue because this quality hair will last up-to and sometimes over a year, saving the purchaser thousands of dollars opposed to repurchasing cheaper low quality virgin hair.

Who Should Buy Virgin Peruvian Weave Hair

Those that should buy Virgin Peruvian hair want light weight, soft and very manageable hair that can have charismatic color, flirtatiously curly or a sultry straight hair. It can be easily processed to match the texture of African American relaxed or medium Caucasian hair. Anyone with these hair textures will be pleasantly surprised, envied as well as save money.

Virgin Brazilian Weave Hair

Brazilian hair is the most popular hair bought  that blends with almost everyone's hair type.
Brazilian hair is the most popular hair bought that blends with almost everyone's hair type. | Source

Virgin Brazilian hair is by far the most popular sought after hair in the world; this hair can be used on most hair types and is luxurious beyond looks but to the touch like Peruvian hair and there is a bit more of an abundance.

  • glossy
  • smooth
  • luxurious
  • wavy texture

There are people in rural areas of Brazil that are paid a fee to grow hair for sale to hair suppliers and wig makers.

Brazilians are of African, Indian, and European heritage making this hair easy to blend with a larger range of ethnic hair. The natural hair is normally a slight wave and soft to the touch.

Why Virgin Brazilian Hair?

Virgin Brazilian hair is easily straighten with an iron to the silkiest and smoothest textures making it appealing to all. It holds a curl and can easily except any chemical process while maintaining it's integrity.

Cost of Virgin Brazilian Weave Hair

Like all quality virgin hair the cost is $100 (on the low end) and can cost $300 a bundle or more. Quality virgin Brazilian hair will last a year or more when properly maintained saving you thousands in hair cost. The cost of using inferior hair can cost you more money in restyling, repurchasing, wasted time and embarrassment of matted hair.

Who Should Buy Virgin Brazilian Weave Hair

Anyone that wants a luxurious healthy head of beautiful manageable low maintenance hair. All people of all ethnic backgrounds will enjoy this hair. If you love weighty lush hair this is the one for you. What you see is what you get. From bouncy curls to the silkiest straight swinging styles Virgin Brazilian is the perfect choice.

Knowing how to choose the perfect hair for a year of enjoyment top quality virgin weave hair will enhance your credibility as a stylist and confidence as a weave or wig wearer. Enjoy and stay beautiful!


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