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Shiseido White Lucent Skincare Review

Updated on October 15, 2010

 Individuals who care to give their parched skin a treat need only refer to product lines consistently adjudged as winners of top beauty awards. Oftentimes, way before the awards are handed out, certain brands are already winners based on personal standards of discriminating women. Trusted and proven skin care brands that most women have practically grown up with are among those which continue to generate much attention in the market. Into this category belongs the Shiseido White Lucent Skincare line.

      From the makers of a quality cosmetic line which has been around for a century, “White Lucent” skin care products are ideal for young and old alike. They are a response to the modern woman’s clamor, not really for a magic technique or miracle cream, but for an effective skin-nurturing product line that can complement other healthy practices.  The Shiseido White Lucent line is also most suited for those whose activities have exposed them to too much sun, impairing their skin’s dermal layer.

Shiseido White Lucent can lighten skin discoloration which may darken or redden due to constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The brightening effect on the skin is the result of the Japanese botanicals and vitamin C esters contained in the White Lucent line which includes cleaner/make T up removers, softener (toner-like lotion that functions as tool to exfoliate and clear skin of spots, freckle, leaving it radiant and luminous).

Certain individuals who are prone to acne or have combination skin have attested to the effectiveness of the ability of the White Lucent line to promote skin clarity. Even persons with excessively dry skin will find items like the protective moisturizer with sun protective factor light and non-greasy, emerging as must-have beauty aids especially for those who travel or love spending evenings out on the town. The great thing about the skin care find is that when absorbed by the skin, it leaves a fresh, comfortable feeling. Skin will not look tired but will end up looking translucent and flawless. Dark spots are also dealt with, thanks to the product’s botanical formulation.

Shiseido White Lucent SkinCare
Shiseido White Lucent SkinCare

Varying skin types and environmental conditions, of course, require different ways of moisturizing and caring for the skin.  Facial creams are not compulsory for everyone.  Excessively oily skin, for instance, may not require a moisturizing cream. Living in a cold climate or staying in an airconditioned room on a daily basis call for moisturizing once or twice a day. Skin that’s tight needs to be drenched in moisture. The trick is not to overmoisturize, which can clog pores.  Shiseido White Lucent products like the Brightening Protective Moisturizer and the award-winning Brightening Moisturizing Cream can be women’s best armory against skin damage, and the key to clear, young-looking skin.

      Contending with under eye dark circles or puffiness? Cast your attention on the White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment by Shiseido.  This product, hailed as one of the year’s best beauty products for its category by consumers and industry pundits, can quench skin under the eyes with much-needed moisture. Vitamins C and E plus botanical extract promote the manufacture of collagen, thereby minimizing dark shadows. Combined with a healthy diet and clean lifestyle, there’s no reason not to look fabulous at any age, especially with a good quality product in tow.


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