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Updated on March 10, 2012
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 8 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Magazine Review

I have run across some over the years who believe that Vogue is "just one of those magazines you can buy in a grocery store, next to the tabloids". They make it sound ridiculous to be a subscriber. As if solely the same readers of the tabloids would pick this magazine up and be its readers. These same people are not very fashion conscientious and would never dream of purchasing anything "designer", let alone checking the labels for the Designer. These are the ones who believe that the magazine People is the hottest thing to read with the latest Entertainment information; sigh. Yes, People magazine might be regarded by some as competition, but not by this subscriber of Vogue.

In my opinion, Vogue has better standards for its articles, better writers and more legitimate informational sources. I have read both, People and Vogue magazines. Vogue, in my opinion, is superior and has zero competition. Rises above as a leading magazine in the fields reflected throughout its pages.

Vogue does have articles about celebrities. They are taken from the writer of the article spent time with so and so perspective instead of the latest gossip about so and so. Which I prefer, gives a realistic impression and approach for the reader. Loved the June 2009 article about Cameron Diaz, well worth reading and gives a real perspective about this actress. Shows the person, not the celebrity mask worn in public. This is common for how Vogue handles this type of article.

I further enjoy the other types of articles in Vogue, very informative, including the features about people who are land-breaking in their fields. This is not just a magazine about the Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment Industry. This is a magazine about successful people and shares their stories.

In my opinion, Vogue is well worth its subscription price. It is easy to become a subscriber by visiting and clicking on "subscribe to Vogue". Great way to keep up with the Fashion, Beauty, and Entertainment Industries as well as Who is Successful in their fields.

I highly recommend this great read. Enjoy!


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