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Updated on March 9, 2015
My first #VoxBox!
My first #VoxBox!

What is a #VoxBox?

So, I am new to a site called Influenster. I am absolutely obsessed. There was a lot to do in the beginning, but I really love it now.

When you set up, you link all of your applicable social media. Influenster works by your social outreach, so, for example, my score is 917. Based on some other scores I've seen, that's pretty high. With that being said, you can be a part of the site, even if you aren't very apparent on social media.

You answer some preliminary questions through what they call "Campaigns". You can also earn points toward certain badges (fashion, health, brands, etc) that will help you receive free things! They run different promotions every month, so you can get different products. My first month, they were working with Club W, and offering me a free bottle of wine!

They run bigger campaigns called #VoxBox. They send you FULL SIZE products in order to test them out. It isn't even necessary for you to leave a review. There are certain steps to take afterward, like posting pictures, or commenting on certain things, but it is a very simple process.

I just received my first #VoxBox, and I'll give you a little peak to what is inside!

John Freida

I was so excited to see that John Freida was part of the box. Oh my goodness. I have always loved the products. The one included in this set is the Beach Blonde set. It came with shampoo and conditioner (which is such a nice test before we reach those summer months), but I am most in love with the Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray.

I have always been jealous of those girls whose hair seems so effortless at the beach. It reminds me of a line in Parks and Recreation..."It's genetic and unattainable." With this spray, I can achieve that carefree, beach look. Seeing as it is March, it isn't quite the right season for it just yet, but I did give it a test run, and I LOVE it. They definitely have me on board for buying more when I run out.

Tide Pods with Febreeze

I think the one thing that sets Influenster apart from other similar sites is that they are actually full size samples. Tide Pods with Febreeze were included in the box, and it actually came with 10 pods! You can't really get a feel for a laundry detergent after only one wash.

I seriously love these. Washing with the pods are already so much easier than messing with powder/liquid detergent. These pods get my clothes extremely clean, and make them smell fantastic! Sometimes switching to a new detergent can irritate my skin, but I had no issues using these pods. I would certainly recommend them.

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream

Now, I have very sensitive skin. The one wrong product could make me super dry or pretty oily. I was a little sensitive to try this lotion just because I didn't want to mess anything up.

I am now a believer. This lotion was great! I applied it to my hands and elbows and other dry spots, and could feel the difference after just a couple of days. I only used it at night as I don't want lotion "transfer" throughout my work day. I don't know that I would use this year round, but it will definitely come in handy for those bitter winter months.


I have tried quite a few different whitening products over the course of my adult life. My teeth are too sensitive to use whitening strips, so I've tried to find something that really works for me. Colgate included both whitening toothpaste and a whitening pen! The pen stows away within the toothbrush for easy access. I have not yet used it as I am saving it for some important events coming up in the spring. From the reviews I've seen, I am very excited to try it out and see the results. Fingers crossed!

Love the discounts!

More than Products!

It isn't just products that you get to try out! They also include coupons for great products.

One of the ones included was a coupon (that I would and have received by email) for Land's End. I have a few fleeces from their company, but I never knew that they had such a diverse catalog! This coupon code could be shared with up to 25 friends! How often does that happen?!

I also had the option to receive a free lingerie set from Adore Me. They have some really incredible lingerie. They also have some more subtle pajama sets and such if lingerie isn't really your thing.

I also had the option to write a short piece on DIY in order to get $25 to eBay!

Join Influenster!

Please use my referral link if you join! You'll get bonus points for joining this way!


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