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Wallets For Women

Updated on July 20, 2010
A Wallet, Such As What Might Be Carried By A Lady
A Wallet, Such As What Might Be Carried By A Lady

Most women tote around their belongings in purses or handbags or clutches, which is all very well and good if you want to have to constantly keep an eye on your 'sack-o-goods' as you tote it about the place, but when it comes to a practical place to keep essential valuables, well, there's nothing quite as wonderful as a wallet.

Some still cling to the idea that wallets are only for men, but this is the 21st century people! We regularly fly through the air with the greatest of ease and we can fix headaches simply by taking a little pill. Women can vote! Women can drive! Women can leave their husbands at home to look after the kids whilst they go and pursue careers as spy masters! It's about time women embraced the convenience and elegance of wallets too.

Now many designers make what they call women's wallets, but on closer inspection all they've really done is taken a purse and called it by another name, by which it still smells as sweet, but is not all that useful. The definition of a wallet, at least in my ideology, is that you can fit it in your pocket without stretching the pocket beyond all recognition and making it look forever after as if it once birthed 50 pocket babies all at the same time.

Of course, I am assuming at this point in time that you actually have a pocket to put your wallet in. Pants are excellent for having pockets, but jackets will also do in a pinch if you really must insist on wearing dresses, skirts, and those silly pants they make for women where the pockets look as if they are there but are actually sewn shut, so you look good, but are functionally helpless.

(Functional helplessness is one of my personal fashion bonnets full of bees, and ironically, or perhaps, not ironically at all, a bonnet full of bees would actually be more useful than many items of clothing sold to women in the guise of useful attire.)

A wallet does not need to be your dad's black wallet however, wallets, as you probably realize, come in a wide range of colors and styles. If you associate femininity with wearing pink for instance, there are a massive range of pink wallets out there, all of which are far more secure than a purse that you wave around in one hand and which free your arms up for other activities, like clobbering bad guys, or alternatively, whipping up a quick souffle.


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