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Want Beautiful Skin? Give AVON ANEW REVERSALIST A Try!

Updated on January 30, 2010
We all want fresh, beautiful, wrinkle free skin!
We all want fresh, beautiful, wrinkle free skin!

Want beautiful skin? Give Avon a call! Yes, you read that correctly, Avon! Ok, so Avon might not be the first company that comes to mind when you want to buy skin care products, however, maybe it's time to take a second look! Avon has been around for a long, long time. Founded in 1886 by David McConnell (a door-to-door salesman who gave perfume to women who bought his products) Avon has grown into an extremely popular billion dollar business. Avon sells a wide variety of merchandise including cosmetics, perfumes and skin care products (just to name a few). Not only do they sell products for women, they have an entire product line for men as well.

I think it is safe to say that we all want beautiful skin. Well, Avon has come up with a new skin care product line that will help you achieve just that. Introducing, Reversalist! Avon takes skin care very seriously. In fact, they spend a lot of money when it comes to the research and development of their products and Reversalist is no exception! This latest skin care line spent five years in development. Scientists employed by Avon conducted exhaustive research to ensure that Reversalist actually does what it claims….REVERSE the look of wrinkles!

The AVON ANEW Reversalist Product Line!

First up, ANEW Reversalist Renewal Serum! This serum is designed to reactivate the skin's repair process in order to reverse the look of wrinkles. How? Well…with a little something called Activinol Technology! Avon's scientists studied how the skin heals…which is very important if you want to diminish the look of wrinkles and other skin issues. As a result they realized that the body produces Activin in order to repair the skin. Avon's Reversalist Renewal Serum actually gives your skin a boost so that it repairs itself faster. People of all skin types agreed that their skin looked younger and brighter in just two weeks! ANEW Reversalist Renewal Serum can be purchased on-line for only $40! Not bad! Be sure to do an internet search in order to find the best price!

Night Cream

ANEW Reversalist Night Renewal Cream is another skin care product that is part of Avon's ANEW Renewal Collection. OVER EIGHTY PERCENT of individuals that used this product saw an improvement in their skin as their wrinkles were dramatically reversed! Now that's impressive! After three days of use, 73% of people said their skin felt and looked fresh and new. Avon's Night Renewal Cream is similar to the Renewal Serum (mentioned above) as it also reactivates the skin's repair process to help reverse the look and signs of aging.


Though Avon might not be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to skin care products and beautiful skin they definitely have entered the skin care game with their new ANEW Reversalist Skin Care Collection! Avon takes skin care very seriously and spends a lot of money when it comes to research and quality control. If you have tried just about every skin care product on the market in order to fight wrinkles and have not found a product that you are happy with…why not give Avon's ANEW Reversalist a try? After all, the only thing you have to lose are your wrinkles!


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