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Want or Need?

Updated on July 3, 2013

Always speaking the truth


Please define

This hub is for all people who love shopping and .. lets say it... are SHOPAHOLICS!

Lets start with the basics. What is "want" and what is "need"?

Ever asked yourself these two simple questions? If yes, have you really understood their concepts? Are we able to distinguish these when we talk about shopping?

Lets See!

According to the English Dictionary, the word "want" means "to desire, to crave". The word "need", instead, suggests "a condition or situation where something is required".

Here are the two two different meanings. Yet, when women shop, do they really stop and ask themselves "Do i really need this?"

If they do, the answer is nearly always YES.

Want and Need

Being smart observers...

Fashion. A normal word, used everyday with a very powerful meaning. Within the term “fashion”, people find many connotations. But what is it really? Just a word. Nothing more?

When I thought about it, I immediately believed that our female brains could not find a difference between them. We might actually think that what we want IS what we need. Unfortunately, IT IS WRONG!

We need ONLY a pair of normal blue jeans, two shirts (so you can change when washing time comes around), a pair of sneakers and a jacket. How easy is THAT? This would be the basic casual look. Everyone has these items, but the quantities of each, vary. Don’t tell me you own just ONE pair of jeans, or just ONE shirt and so on. That is nonsense!

What makes it even MORE difficult, is the choice we have to make every morning when we wake up, or every time we decided to go somewhere that is not home (unless you have visitors of course!). If I were to own just the basics, I would have no problems with myself in terms of deciding which is the best outfit for that rainy day, for that special date, or a simple working day.

Fashion: It's role

Fashion plays a big role in our lives.

Being lucky enough to afford certain items of very famous designers has always been in everyone's dreams.

I know that people do not need clothes from famous designers to look appealing. People now-a-days are able to dress themselves with low-cost clothes that show off their unique style. And this is what matters in the fashion industry: showing who you are throughout what you wear.

In a song, Lady Gaga says: "you are what you wear, it's true", and I could not agree more. Personality comes across clothes. People can tell a lot about who you are according to what garments you wear. I am able to tell if a person is relaxed, going for a run, going to work, or just lounging at home according to the outfit.

Therefore, fashion is part of each and every one of our personalities and we cannot live without it as it truly represents who we are.



YOU are the real investment!

I guess in the end, we are all, small or big, fashion victims. We all care about our appearances (whether we admit it or not) and there is nothing we can do about it because IT IS JUST THE WAY WE HAVE BEEN CREATED. And what we want is certainly not what we need, because if that were to be true, then we would NEED everything we don’t have in order to be happy. And sometimes it is not satisfying, knowing that YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT. No one would put effort anymore to reach their goals, and people would underestimate one-another, and that would not make us happy, nor interesting people.

I am proud I don't having the opportunity of getting everything I want. This is because, when I think about it, I can distinguish between my needs and wants. Subsequently, I feel better about myself, when not spending money on useless things. Even when sometimes we feel down, in the blue, and very very sad, we have to learn to resist the temptation of going out and sprinting around shops. Buying more things makes you feel better at the time of purchase... but you might regret it later on. Think before you act.


It will be the best "long-term" investment you will ever do in life.


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    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I shop more for need but once in awhile indulge on the wants! :) Very helpful hub!

      Congratulations on your Hubnuggets nomination! To read and vote and join the adventure of the Hubnuggets team, follow me:

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 6 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      I am a confirmed shopper, but I love a bargain! The challenge is as good as the purchase! I know shopaholics that have clothes hanging in their closets for 2 or 3 years with the tags still on them! I'm not that bad, so will qualify as a shopper! Cute hub and I like your quiz! Voted up and interesting!

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      Congratulations on your nomination. Although I have a fairly big wardrobe, it is because I do not like to throw things away until I cannot use them even at home only. Shoes I hate to buy as my right foot is shorter than the other. Unless I'm buying sneakers, it is a nightmare buying shoes.

    • randomizing profile image

      Giada Jannotti 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      @Simone Smith

      I am really happy that this helped you. Even I managed to control myself but i still miss out sometimes due to temptation.. :)

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Great advice. It took me a long time to think through this general issue and gain control over my impulses. Now that I do, I'm much happier!