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Want to get a pretty pedi?

Updated on July 14, 2009
Soak Feet
Soak Feet

Do-it-yourself home pedicure in six easy ways

When you've been busy all day, cleaning the house, walking to the office, or running after your kids, the perfect way to pamper yourself at home is getting a pedicure. In just six simple ways, you can revitalize your toes in no time.. All you need is a bathtub or basin, stool or a chair that is comfortable enough, foot file or pumice stone, a basic manicure kit, nail polish, etc..Show off your sexy toes not just for sandal season, by following simple steps:

1. Clip and File

If your nails are past the edge of your toes, you can trim them with a clipper, and file them until they're smooth. You can square off the top of your nails, but round it's edges to prevent your them from growing inward at the corners

2. Buff your nails

To gently smooth the surfaces of your nail, use a buffing block. Using a buffing block will remove the ridges that show through polish. Start by using the rough side of the block first, then use the slick side for shiny finish.

3. Soak Feet
Put your feet in a bathtub or basin filled with warm water (the highest temperature that's comfortable enough for you) for 5 minutes to soften them before you exfoliate. Try using scented soak for extra moisture and relaxation.( rose petals in the water also help)

4. Removing Dead Skin

Dry off your feet after soaking it, and to remove the dead skins, use a foot file or pumice stone to exfoliate the soles. Focus on the balls and heels, where the skin is thicker. Stop when the dead skin does'nt ball up anymore; rinse your feet with warm water.

5. Pushing Cuticles
Push cuticle remover all around your nails, then very gently push the cuticles into their nail beds using a wooden cuticle stick. Don't be too rough, cuticles help protect your nails against bacteria..

6. Moisturize. Always applying a rich foot cream all over your feet because Any oils left on your nails will cause the polish to bubble, so pat feet dry with a towel so they're not greasy, then swipe polish remover over each nail surface.

7. Polish Toenails
You must always a base coat, before polishing your toenails, to protect your nails from turning yellow. After one minute, brush on a coat of color of your choice. Use three strokes to brush on the color, by start on the left side of your nail, then work your way to the right. After applying the first coat, let it dry for two minutes, then apply a second coat.


  • Start your pedicure at least two hours before going to bed. Even if your polish feels dry when you touch it, the sheets can leave creases in it.
  • It's better to remove the all old polish with a non-acetone polish remover, because acetone polish remover is drying..Any leftover polish will cause bubbles in your new polish.
  • If you have hangnails (annoying pieces of skin sticking up on the sides of nails), clip them with tiny cuticle scissor..
  • You can finish with a fast-drying top-coat to protect the color from chipping. you could opt to apply a new top coat once every 3 days, in order to keep your nails shiny,


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