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Adult onesies

Updated on June 1, 2016
Ebeneezer Scrooge in his nightcap and nightgown
Ebeneezer Scrooge in his nightcap and nightgown | Source

Slanket vs Snuggie Debate

Bedtime? Let's dress up!

Slankets or snuggies are incredibly popular fleece blankets with arms, available in almost every high street shop and mail order outlet, for people who want to lie on the sofa with their packet of crisps, beer, laptop and remote without getting cold. It's a sort of compromise between getting out of bed and actually getting up and about.

When you need a bit of extra pampering, these are just the job, maybe get a hot water bottle and indulge yourself to a day on the sofa until the weather gets back to normal and your croaky voice returns. Just curl up with some comfort foods and drinks and watch TV under your blanket with sewn in sleeves, so you don’t have to risk your arm getting cold whenever you need to use the remote.

Also popular are the adult onesies. It’s a similar idea, but this is basically a very big baby-grow, a huge all-in-one suit made out of fleece material for adults. They often come in dressing-up costume styles and are loved by groups of young people out and about on their way to a party night out.

Some men don’t like wearing pyjama trousers and prefer just boxers or shorts. Why not try a nightshirt (at what point did these stop being so popular, after Wee Willie Winkie famously used to run through the town in his nightgown).

With the latest technologies and fabrics, there’s much more scope for being inventive, from amazing glow in the dark designs to cuddly fleece materials, you can really go to town and dress up in bed.

If your tootsies get cold, try one of the huge slipper footwarming devices that are like a giant slipper for putting both feet in, some of these you can even heat up. Sounds like a crazy idea, but if you’ve ever had to walk through the snow you’ll know how painful cold feet can be and how you don’t want to risk chilblains by heating your feet too quickly in hot water. If you want some crazy slippers to finish off your outfit, check out these amazing novelty slippers.

It seems there are many variations of the sleepsuit, slanket or giant slipper devices that involve dressing up nice and warm and having a bit of fun. When it comes to wearing pyjamas it seems we are not all choosing the latest silky romantic look, but are going for something with a bit of a sense of humour and something snuggly that will keep us nice and toastie.


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