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Wavy Hair is Difficult!

Updated on May 16, 2010

How to tame your difficult waves

Personally I have wavy curls, as seen above in the photos. What I do to "tame" my hair is listed below:

1. Only shampoo

I use only shampoo, either Herbal Essences, or Garnier Fructis, and I personally do not use conditioner. I find when I use conditioner it tangles very easily and I spend a lot more time untangling knots then actually doing my hair.

2. Bio Silk

This product is an absolute heaven-send! My sister in law introduced me to this product and it is the one thing that has actually worked for my unmanageable waves. It's quite inexpensive, and you only need a dime size amount each use for long hair.

3. Lots of care

I spend a long time in the bathroom brushing, combing, hairspraying, and moussing my hair. I start with the obvious brush, then a comb. This next part is done upside down (flip your hair). I use two handfuls of mousse and run it throughout all of my hair. Then I brush and comb again, and hairspray, as needed. Once that is all done, I crimp my hair with my hands, nothing fancy, just a few squeezes here and there. Then style however you want, it almost never fails, and it leaves your hair with those natural curls, minus the frizz.

The Difference it makes

My hair not done
My hair not done
My hair done
My hair done

Ok, not much of a difference

It doesn't appear to be much of a difference, but I assure you it is. Your hair still has that hair feeling, not the hard hairspray feeling, it's just more manageable. Plus it's always nice to not have those stray hairs tickling your forehead or neck. Hope these tips help, and thanks for reading.


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