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Ways to Improve Your Complexion

Updated on May 21, 2017


A good facial complexion forms a large part of beauty. After all, there is a limit to what cosmetics can do in covering up our facial blemishes. For one, we can't possibly rely on makeup 24 hrs a day to fake a good complexion. Instead, by investing time in taking care of our skin, we will be rewarded with a healthy complexion that radiates naturally.

Following a beauty regimen need not be an arudous task. Simply incorporate these steps into your daily routine and you will see an improvement in your complexion very soon!

1) A 3-step daily skincare routine

The concept of the 3-step skin care regimen was first introduced by Clinique Laboratories and has since become the most widely adopted way of skin care practice.

The first step is to cleanse our skin properly. This is important in washing away any environmental impurities, dead skin cells and any cosmetics present on our skin. The proper way of cleansing is to wet the face first with cold water and then latter a small amount of your daily cleanser with water before applying it onto your face in circular upwards motion. Wash away the cleanser with water and dry face by patting lightly against a clean towel.

The second step is to use a toner to close the pores. Pour a small volume of your toner onto a piece of cotton wool and then pat your face with the toner soaked cotton wool, focusing on your cheeks.

Thirdly, apply ample amount of moisturizer by dotting equal amounts onto our cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Using our fingertips, lightly massage the localised moisturizer in a circular upward manner from the chin to the cheeks and finally the forehead. This is to provide a lift of our skin while preparing for absorption. After a round of application, lightly pat the face with your fingertips. This is a way of "waking up" our skin to absorb the cream.

* Extra Tips: As the skin around our eyes are the most delicate, its essential that we use a separate eye cream for the skin around the eye region.

Apply a sunscreen with at least a SPF 30 +++ to protect your face from the uv damaging effects from the sun.

2) A weekly DIY facial and mask session

This is not madness but pure indulgence. Afterall, we work so hard during the week. Its time to rest and indulge ourselves during the weekend. A DIY facial and mask is a great way in thanking ourselves. We end up feeling refreshed and happy to cope with another week of work.

There are many commercially available masks that I like to buy for my home facial session as they are convenient to use. You will need two types of masks for your facial procedure. One is the purifying type, the other is moisturizing one. Personally, for the purifying mask, I like using a medicated acne sebum off kit from Ettusais. For the moisturizing mask, I like the deep hydrating mask from Neutrogena.

For the DIY facial procedure, first wash your face with your cleanser and dry your face (as stated above). With your eyes closed, expose your face around 10 cm above a wide bowl of hot water for about 5 minutes. The steam from hot water will open up the pores in your face and make it easier for deep cleaning by the purifying mask. After face steaming, dry your face and then apply the purifying mask onto your face and to be left for 15-30 minutes, according to the instructions stated on the mask pack. After the mask have dried, remove it and wash your face again. Apply toner to close the pores and then put on the moisturizing mask for about 20-40 minutes. Relax by lying down and you may put on your favourite piece of music for extra soothing. After the mask session, you may apply a small amount of your regular face cream to lock in the hydration.

3) Eating Right

Keeping a balanced diet is key to maintaing our health and its important in looking good from within. In order to meet our nutritional needs, we must eat a variety of food from each of the food groups, preferably food that is low in trans fat, cholesterol and added salt and sugars. The typical skin food is fruits and vegetables and we should try to get at least two servings of fruit and vegetables everyday.

When we are healthy and feel good, we radiate naturally. Other than eating right, we should also aim to drink ample volumes of water in order for the nutrients to be send to each part of our body. Water also helps to supply oxygen to our cells, keeps our skin hydrated and flushes out toxins from our body system.

4) Exercise

Regular exercise is important in maintaining physical fitness and promoting physiological well-being. By leading an active lifestyle, we can maintain our figure more easily and enjoy better skin as toxins are readily flushed out from our skin through perspiration. Also, the added benefit with exercising is that increased dose of the happy hormones, endorphins will be released into our body which makes us feel good. When we feel good, we look good!

5) Sleep Well

We don't call it beauty sleep for nothing. Having at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night grants our body ample rest and time for repairing any damage and replenish new cells. Do take note that the best sleeping time slot is from 23:00 hrs to 07:00 hrs and therefore sleeping before midnight is a safe bet for achieving quality sleep.

Simply by incorporating a skincare routine and making lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy body, we will be rewarded with a good complexion that glows from within.


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