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Wearing Wide Leg pants and still be Stylish

Updated on December 15, 2016

The one thing about fashion is that you can never rule out any trend for long. This season is marked by the return of wide legged pants. These pants can be ideal for women aged in early thirties or forties.

  • Wide legged pants are great for women with short legs. Wear them with high heels and flaunt them with elegance and confidence.
  • These pants are ideal to hide those few extra pounds and help to conceal your tummy.
  • They are also suited for pear shaped women as they make your heals more apparent and distract lookers from wider hips.
  • You can achieve a nice silhouette especially if you are heavy at the top by wearing wide legged pants.

Despite the comfort that comes with being able to wear a wide legged pant, they can also be quite flattering. We take you through a few tips on how you can be able to wear this classic trend that is wide leg pants in a way that will put you apart from the crowd.

The key to being able to rock a flared pair of pants is getting the right one for your body type. Depending on your height, body size, and type, making the right selection based on this goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to make heads turn, literally. For women who are not as tall, it is advisable to go for the high-wasted pants, this way, it gives out an impression of an elongated torso giving an illusion of height. It will also make you appear classier when to wear your wide leg pants with high heels. You might also want to make sure that your pants are not extremely flared.

The another thing you should consider when wearing a pair of wide leg pants is how you pair it with your top. The rule of the thumb here is to make sure that you never pair a wide leg pant with an oversized top. Always make sure that you have balanced the proportions. You can never go wrong with a fitted top paired with your pants. It really gives your body a killer silhouette.

The next point to consider when getting a wide leg pair of pants is correct to cut of your pants. Long, floor sweeping paints may appear quite impressive while walking around the office or the house, but it should be clear that their practicality especially if you have to walk outside is a bit more complicated. I have personally witnessed someone fall after the heel of their pump got caught in the wide leg pants while walking. Making sure that you have the right cut, probably that grazes the top part of your foot at least would be your correct bet.

Finally, you might want to consider the kind of shoes you select to go with the wide leg pants you have chosen. Ideally, shorter women are advised to pair their pants with high heels to make them appear taller. However, is not to say that taller women can never wear heels with this kind of pants. The same also goes with flats. It really depends on your ability to know what to combine with the wide leg pants.

Wide Leg Pants

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