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How to Weave Your Own Hair

Updated on July 6, 2015
weavesandbraids profile image

I am an African Woman and almost always have my hair in weaves and braids. I am an enthusiast and write about it.

For an African American woman, weaves are one of the best ways you can add instant length and volume to your hair. A weave is a style that incorporates hair extensions into your hair. With a careful selection of extensions with regards to color, length and texture, great variety can be achieved in your hairstyle.

But is it possible to learn how to weave your own hair?

Weaving your hair by yourself requires a combination of hand and eye dexterity. You will be weaving while looking at a mirror, and that is never easy.

For starters, you need to know how to do the basic cornrow on your own hair. Then decide the kind of hair extensions you need to achieve the hairstyle.

Lovely weave hairstyle
Lovely weave hairstyle | Source
18" Clip in Human Hair Extensions, 10pcs, 100g, Color #4 (Medium Brown) by Alexxis
18" Clip in Human Hair Extensions, 10pcs, 100g, Color #4 (Medium Brown) by Alexxis

This is one of the most cost effective hair extensions. It is human hair so it can be dyed or curled. Best of all, it comes in a 10 set pack making it easier for you to place and sew.


What you need to Weave your Own Hair

The following items are necessary and should be assembled before you start. Since this is a DIY project, you should organize your space and put everything within reach.

  1. The hair extension
  2. Two mirrors positioned in such a way that you can see as much of your head as possible.
  3. Combs, brushes, hair bands.
  4. A couple of needles already threaded if you are doing a sew on weave.
  5. Special hair glue.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be like ponytails, loose hair in a pack or pre-woven weaves. The easiest to use are clip on extensions, but that will require fixing the hair every day.

To weave your own hair your best option are the store made weaves. Even then there is a lot of variety.

Some are designed to be glued on while others are sew on weaves.The Amazon selection above shows extensions that can be glued on or sewn on. It can be used to achieve the image below it.

If you have been a regular with weave hairstyles, then you must have watched them been done many times, you may have even helped a friend out.

Which means you understand the basics. You should try the sew on weaves. They cause less damage to the hair than glue on weaves.

If you a first timer please buy glue and some weaves.

How to do the Weave

I am giving this guide with the assumption that you already know how to do the basic cornrow.

  • Sit in such a way that you can see your hair/head well
  • Decide on the parting. Start with a simple part like the picture above.
  • Bring out a section of hair that will be used to cover the beginning of the weave, and give a natural look.
  • Do cornrows ( the smaller the better) from the front to the back of your hair.
  • Shake out the hair extensions so you have an idea of the entire length.
  • Place it all around you head in the pattern you want, to get a feel of the final hairstyle.
  • Put hair pins or pegs along the way the weave will be sewn on.
  • Starting at the back, sew on the weave, doubling each stitch.
  • Sew till you get to the front, arranging the hair how you want it to fall.
  • It is best to sew it through and brush it out before you make any adjustments.

Weave Hairstyle -Her natural hair is dyed to match the weave.
Weave Hairstyle -Her natural hair is dyed to match the weave. | Source

More on doing your weave hairstyle

There are special needles for weaves but if you don't have them any large needle (at least three inches in length will do).

For safety reasons avoid borrowing needles.

Use only special hair glue. Please do not use any glue you have lying around the house.

It may not be strong enough, or so strong that you need surgery to get the weave off. In addition some glues contain harmful ingredients.

Dye your hair. In the picture on the right, the lady has natural hair the same color as the weave so it all flows together flawlessly.

You can use a temporary dye if you are still experimenting with styles.

When you start weaving your hair yourself, the hairstyle may not last very long.

So be ready to repeat the weave every fortnight at most till you get better at it.

DIY Weave Hairstyles

When you did your weave hairstyle yourself, was it neat enough to wear out?

See results
Weave Hair styles - the natural hair is a different texture from the weave
Weave Hair styles - the natural hair is a different texture from the weave | Source

Weaving your own hair

When you start your DIY weave hairstyles, the tendency is to change it very often.

You come back home, take a look at yourself and whip out the needle.

Exercise some caution though, constant pulling and tugging will cause hair damage.

Weaves, braids and cornrows may increase loss of hair at the hairline, so avoid pulling at your hair too strongly when weaving especially at the hairline.

Also take out time to wash and deep condition the hair, let the hair take a breather once in a while.


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    • weavesandbraids profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Africa

      Zanaylee, thanks for stopping by. Weaving your own hair is not really difficult. Follow the tips here and practice a lot.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i want to learn weave my own hair.

    • weavesandbraids profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Africa

      Thanks for the comment. I really love braids and weaves and often do them myself.

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 

      6 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      This is a very easy to follow hub with easy-to-follow procedure as well as some useful safety tips and advice from an obvious pro.

      Alas, I am immediately disqualified from self-weaving as I completely lack hand and eye dexterity. For me, going anywhere near glue usually creates a giant mess!

      But I am voting your hub up and useful. And a hearty welcome to Hub Pages! MM


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