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Wedding Dress Tips

Updated on February 8, 2018

There are so many different TV shows that allow women to ‘window shop’ the thousands of different wedding dresses out there. I have always loved watching people shop for their dream dresses and find ‘the one’. However after years of watching shows like these and then actually getting to go dress shopping there are a few big things I think are important to remember.

  1. Price

    When I went to dress shopping one of the first things that came up was of course the money I wanted to spend. I told them what I thought was a modest budget of $1000.00 which I quickly saw is actually a lot. When I told them my budget they said perfect there is nothing here over $2000.00 this is not yes to the dress. Interesting because I thought that I had this tiny budget and would have only the scraps to pick from; little did I know was that most of the sale rack was between $300.00-$500.00. Reality is that you do not need to spend $10000.00 to get a gorgeous dress with the details you want to be happy.

    One thing that I will mention when you are working on your dress budget is to take into consideration the price of alteration. Mine are going to cost around $150.00 which really is not that bad but alterations can cost a lot! Keep this in mind when dress shopping. You should have what you want to spend on a dress and what you want to spend overall priced out and in the back of your mind.

  2. You will look great in anything!

    I tried on maybe 15 dress over my shopping experience and many of them were different styles and silhouettes. When you think of it you will look great in anything! Sure there may be some dresses that fit better or you like more but it’s a wedding dress. They will all look amazing on so do not be surprised if you have a hard time picking the one. Find something that you are comfortable in and you love.

  3. Do what you want

    When it comes down to it, it is your wedding and your day. If you want to wear a big princess dress then do it! Sure you might change your mind when shopping and that ok but don’t be convinced by people you bring with you that you are making the wrong choice. My mom had very different thoughts on what I should be wearing vs what I wanted and am wearing. Sure she can around in the end but I was hard to shop for you what I wanted when my mom did not agree. When it came down to it, I told her what I wanted and that this was the dress and that was it. I did not want to try on anymore dresses and I was not going to.


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