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Wedding dress and gowns tips

Updated on September 21, 2009

Wedding dress selection

A wedding is the most important occasion in a person’s life.Also it is supposed to be a once in a life time activity.Hence the wedding dress should be unique and beautiful reflecting the importance of the one and only special event in your life.A wedding is not complete without a proper wedding dress for the bride and the bridegroom.A wedding dress must fulfill the following requirements.

1.It  should enhance the beauty and personality of the person wearing it.

 2.It should satisfy the fashion requirements in vogue.

3.It should be unique,artistic and pleasing to the eye.

4.It should be affordable

5.It should  suit  the season when the wedding takes place.For example the summer wedding dress may differ from the winter wedding dress as per the requirements of the season.

 There are certain things to be considered before the selection of  wedding dress since it is the most important dress of your life.A wedding dress is not only for the bride and the bridegroom but also for the bride’s maid so that it matches and compliments the bridal costume.When purchasing a wedding dress make sure you also purchase all the suitable and matching undergarments .Do not take a crowd to the shop along with you to help in your selection.You will get many opinions which might confuse you.Take only one or two knowledgeable people with you so that the selection process is smooth.Always select a big shop that has a reputation for good service and has all the wedding dress accessories so that it is easy to select the matching ones. The shop also should have the made to measure facility that supplies the finished dress within a short period to satisfy those with bigger body sizes.

  First you must decide about the type of wedding you want to have whether it is formal wedding in a church or an informal one.The informal beach weddings are becoming more popular since they are cheaper and the wedding dress options are more varied.There are many many styles to choose from according to your taste and liking such as Gothic gowns,Victorian gowns,Victorian wedding dress,renaissance wedding dresses,Medieval wedding dresses and much more.

For more information visit the website below.

<a href=”">all about wedding dresses</a>


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Very useful info. Thanks for sharing. E