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Wedge Thong Sandals - The Perfect Flip Flops For Petite Women

Updated on March 21, 2011
Great Wedge Thong Sandals From Skechers
Great Wedge Thong Sandals From Skechers

If you are looking to buy the perfect wedge thong sandal that will give you a little bit of height and are suitable to wear for any occasion, you may be pleasantly surprised at the array of choices that there are out there.

You can buy a pair of these thong sandals so that they co-ordinate with your beachwear attire or you can find a pair that you will be able to wear for a less casual occasion.

Whatever the event or time of the year, there will be an appropriate sandal on sale.

Here are just a few of the sandals that are currently available to buy online at Amazon today.

Skechers Thong Sandal

If you are a fan of Skechers sneakers, you may like to try these platform sandals.

They are called Skechers Cali Women's Rumblers - Cakewalk Thong sandal and have a wedge heel that measures 2 inches.

This is perfect for a woman who is looking for something a little casual but with the ability to still give a little height.

These sandals have been created with a contoured and cushioned foam footbed for added comfort.

The straps are made from a very soft neoprene material that will not cause any irritation to the skin.

This particular style is available in two colours and these are black or the yellow.

Teva Wedge Sandals
Teva Wedge Sandals

Teva Wedge Flip Flops

Teva shoes and sandals are world known for their comfort and ease of wear. This pair of wedge flip flops is no exception. They are called the Teva Women’s Mandalyn Wedge Ola Flip Flip and they are a very good choice if you are looking for a sandal that is a little bit smarter and can be worn if you are going out for dinner during a wonderful vacation.

The EVA outsole is very lightweight and offers excellent traction while you walk. There is no fear of slipping or sliding around when you are wearing these flip flops due to the soft Durapontex footbed that also provides arch support and an integrated shock absorber for the heels.

The woven thong straps have been further enhanced with a lovely criss cross design and you can buy these in a range of colours including black, blue, brown and lilac.

Cobian Wedge Thong Sandals
Cobian Wedge Thong Sandals

Cobian Women's Cali Flip Flop

If you are a petite woman and you are looking for a wedge thong sandal that has the potential of adding a few more inches to your height, then you should definitely look at buying the Cobian Cali wedge sandal.

These amazing flip flops have been made with a wedge heel that measures an outstanding 2 ¾ inches.

The rest of the platform base is 1 inch thick so you are able to really get up there.

These are very chic sandals and are definitely for women who care about style as well as versatility.

They have a durable rubber sole and are suitable to wear on all sorts of surfaces.

These wedge flip flops come in black, white and brown and are perfect to wear all summer long.


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