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Wellington Boots

Updated on March 1, 2008

When I worked in Saint Brendan's Cream Liquor factory, we might stop the production lines and do cleaning all day. Everybody have their Wellington boots on. My colleges made fun of each other with their brush or mop or towel on hands. One of them pointed a passing-by lady who was working in the lab and said: "Her husband is a farmer, who likes Welli-boots. "

Then everybody laughed. But I didn't know why they laughed, I might be looked very confused, then that guy looked at me triumphantly with his eyes shinning and asked: "Do you want know why her husband likes Welli-boot?"

Then everybody laughed again, one of them made a loud "Baa" as a sheep. Several Baa followed, more and louder laugh joined in. But I was still quite confused, from their facial expression they must be making some dirty jokes. They can't talk anything without that dirty four letter word.

Now I was the focus of this topic, everybody looked at me and smiled. Then one guy stepped back and posed for me. He took two virtual sheep legs into his Welli-boots and pulled the "sheep" back very hard. Then the door opened and came the production manager, all ran back to their position and pretended to work.

There is a notice on the my daughter's nursery door, it says: Bring welli-boots tomorrow please! I didn't know why but buy one pair from Homebase for her, it's pink which is her favourite colour. My daughter likes it very much, she put on immediately and don't want to take off any more. She wore it to school although it was not raining. I asked the teacher why brought the wellies? She said "It might snow this afternoon. They might need it playing outside."

My daughter likes the welli-boots so much that she wears it everyday, even to school. I have to hide it sometime, and she gets very upset. One day I said to her: don't take your welli-boot, your friends will steal it. She remembered it and she tells me that her friends didn't steal her wellies every time when I go to collect her.

Wellington boots are named after the Duke of Wellington, who wore large leather riding boots that covered the knee. The term "wellington boots" came to mean any knee-high leather boots, and then rubber boots. In Australia, the boots are called "gumboots" meaning made from the rubber tree "gum" or sap. The boots are called Rain Boots in China, and we never associate it with a sheep.


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