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What Are Derma Rollers Used For

Updated on April 30, 2013

This Is What Derma Rollers Look Like

Micro Needling Your Way To Healthy Skin

Derma rollers, otherwise known as derma skin rollers or micro needling rollers, address a wide variety of skin conditions. These do-it-yourself devices (built like a standard brush with instead a small roller on the end) have micro needles imbedded in their rollers that essentially “part” skin pores. This is sometimes referred to as skin needling or derma rolling. Anyway, in doing this, the skin produces collagen and elastin thereby repairing the skin. As a result, derma rollers can be used to assist with the healing and repair of any number of skin problems that have, up until now, been extremely difficult to remedy.

Before you can determine whether or not derma rollers or derma rolling might work for you, you need to understand a bit about the science behind them. Derma rollers are based on ancient acupuncture techniques where micro needles are inserted into the skin to unblock energy flow throughout the body. Long recognized as a powerful healing technique, acupuncture or micro needling is now a readily accepted science. Derma rollers work somewhat in the same way.

Derma rollers can be used and are said to be effective in reducing or eliminating:

Stretch marks : are known to be caused when skin is stretched too quickly. As a result, the skin is essentially torn, leaving behind long, bumpy skin indentations. Both men and women can suffer from them. Bodybuilders, pregnant women and teenagers (during growth spurts) are especially given to stretch marks. Weight gain can also produce stretch marks.

Acne scars and surgical scars
: Scars are the result of skin tissue trauma or damage. Once the skin gets damaged in any way, blood travels to the affected area in an attempt to heal itself. There are two kinds of acne scars caused by either over compensation of tissue growth or by tissue loss. What that means is that these two kinds of acne scars can be caused by either too much or too little collagen production.

Wrinkles and anti-aging
: Over time, our skin gets thinner, loses collagen and elastin and has trouble getting moisture to the top layer of our skin, the epidermis. Also, fat in the subcutaneous layer, the deepest layer of skin, diminishes with age. This affects the epidermis over time, causing skin sagging and wrinkles.

Cellulite : Also known as the “orange peel syndrome”, cellulite is the name given to deposits of fat that essentially push against the connective tissue beneath a person’s skin. What’s left behind is a skin surface that looks dimpled, puckered and lumpy. Strands of tissue that are fibrous connect skin to deeper layers and can separate the areas that contain fat cells. These areas can then bulge and cause a waffled appearance to the skin when fat cells increase in size.

Hair Loss/Thinning
: There can be many reasons for hair loss and thinning. One of the most widely suspected reasons has to do with DHT production. DHT is a powerful hormone in our bodies which can adversely affect the hair on our heads. When DHT reaches our hair follicles, it can deprive vital nutrients from reaching hair follicles causing hair loss and thinning. Derma rollers prepare the scalp skin to assist penetration of nutrient rich hair products.

With the potential for positively affecting so many stubborn, troublesome and long standing skin conditions, derma rollers may indeed offer considerable possibility for those suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions.

The Derma Roller

Scientia Derma Roller
Scientia Derma Roller

Source For In Depth Derma Roller Information

Derma rollers are very simple hand held devices (think of a hair brush). Before you choose to start using one of these breakthrough little tools, you'll likely have questions about your own skin issues or problems that you'd like more information about. What length needle is best for you, how should you use a derma roller, how often, etc. You can easily get that kind of information and much more

More On Hair Loss/Thinning and Dermarollers

If you're suffering with hair loss and even hair thinning, you can get more information by reading this hub:


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