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What Inspired My Natural Hair Journey

Updated on October 1, 2011

My natural hair journey started in an extremely odd way, so prepare yourself for this one. My natural hair journey started from my quest for riches that would make me an independently wealthy woman. I hungered for the FINACIAL FREEDOM that I felt that massive wealth would bring, so I pursued it like a dog in heat pursuing a partner. I was a determined soul, vowing to find that one niche that would propel me into prosperity.

I soon discovered “get rich quick” seminars. I started an internet market business, a vending machine business, I sold photo cards, I learned to trade stocks and stock options . . . yes, I bought into a lot of the “get rich quick” hype. I was desperate. I had become a wealth-stalker.

Even after failing at many ventures, I couldn’t give up. I knew that I was a very hard worker and when I was determined to succeed at something, I usually succeeded. So, despite the reality of my life decaying around me like a house being eaten by termites, I earnestly continued my quest. I just knew that if others succeeded in this system, I could do it too.

I continued my quest by purchasing several instructional eBooks, CDs and DVDs and I attended many seminars that promised to teach me exactly how to attract wealth into my life. Unfortunately, none of this stuff worked! Absolutely Nothing! I found myself in a financial position where I was flat broke and bitter.

After losing just about everything I owned, I realized that, just maybe, all of the stuff I was being fed about wealth and riches from these so-called “wealth masters” wasn’t quite the truth. I knew that I had given everything that I had to give, just like I was instructed, only to find myself positioned for poverty. I became extremely angry when I realized I had been scammed!

My next mission was to expose all of the scam artists I had encountered. I learned about the tricks they had used to scam me from Robert Cialdni’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (an absolutely brilliant book), and I was determined I wouldn’t let it happen to anyone else. I started my own “NO MORE SCAMS!” personal protest.

I created a website about exposing scams, and I also wrote a couple of articles about my experiences:

1.       The 100% Guarantee – No Thank You, Not For Me!

2.       Watch Out For The Hypnotic Scam Artist


After my fiery furry fizzled, I got depressed about my destroyed life. I had nothing left. All I could do was to cry out to God. “Help! Please, God help me! I don’t know what else to do!”

God’s messages sent through many different people in response to my cry were, “You must detach from the “World’s System” and turn back to Me, before you are completely destroyed!” “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, so here’s some valuable knowledge for you. As a spiritual person, you will never succeed trying to live your life the “World’s” way. The “World system” is Satan-inspired and set up to destroy you, not to prosper you. You must learn the “Kingdom of God System” way of living, if you want to experience true success without sorrows.”

I then committed myself to learning about God, His rules and His ways . . . The Kingdom of God System way. I began my intense study of God’s Living Word, the Holy Bible. My discoveries were astounding. I realized that over my lifetime, I had been completely deceived in so many ways! The ways I was taught and thought were right were completely opposite from the ways of God and leading me towards death. I was amazed at the truths I had learned. If only I had this information earlier in life. (Wait a minute! This important knowledge was there all along. I just never bothered to learn it!)

I learned so much. I realized that it was imperative to renew my mind to the ways of God if I wanted to achieve true success in life. I knew how important it was to unlearn untruths like, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me!” Wrong! According to the Kingdom of God System, words are potent and can do great harm or extreme good in your life. Also, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Wrong again! The Holy Bible teaches me to call things as if they were. I truly realized that true success is impossible without the correct knowledge.

One major truth I learned came from John 10:10, where Jesus stated that Satan comes ONLY to steal, to kill and to destroy. I started thinking about the unnatural things (man-made as opposed to God-made) that I was putting inside my body via processed and fast food. This stuff had chemicals in it which would destroy cells in my body. I starting thinking about the chemicals I was putting on my body like lotions, baby oil (mineral oil), body washes, lipstick (lead) and fingernail polish (formaldehyde)that had poisonous chemicals in them. Then I thought about MY HAIR. Oh my goodness! I began to ask questions like “why would someone create products for women to put on their hair (so close to the brain) that consisted of harsh chemicals like lye or ammonia? Who would even think of something so cruel? Wow! Satan comes to steal, and to kill and to destroy! This is a Satan-inspired world system . . . so why am I so surprised?

I then started my mission to find natural products for bathing, shampooing, conditioning, etc. That’s when I discovered YouTube (I know I was far behind the rest of the world) and the abundant informational sources available on the internet. After some intense research, I started learning how to take care of myself naturally. The internet has been a true blessing.

Even though I cut off all of my chemically treated hair (because my hair had gotten extremely thin from over-processing with a chemical relaxer, stress and an unhealthy diet) four years ago in October 2007, I had no idea about natural products for my hair or how to take care of my natural hair properly. I didn’t officially start using natural formulations until November 2010, so technically I have only been completely natural for almost 1 year.

Here are a few natural recipes I have used:

Homemade Natural Aloe Vera Shampoo

Homemade Natural Conditioners

Homemade Flaxseed Gel for Styling:

This natural journey has not been easy for me. After having toxic chemicals on my hair for over 40 years, my hair and skin completely rebelled against natural products. My hair started breaking off and I got severe acne for the first time in my life! Wow! I wanted to quit and return to my old ways of doing things, but I couldn’t. I was committed to doing things God’s way. I learned that we have been given dominion over ALL things, which includs my hair. I wasn’t about to allow my hair to tell me what it preferred! I thought about a baby telling me he didn’t like vegetables and demanded that I feed him only candy. No way! I had to speak to my hair (my mountain) and say, “I know what is good for you, and that is what you are going to get.” I had to let my hair know that I was the boss around here! lol! My hair finally gave in to my demands and started responding positively! We are on the right road now. God’s Word Works!

I wrote an eBook entitled Positive Energy Diet: Feeding on the Positive Energy of God’s Living Word to Become Power-FULL, to share the astounding knowledge I have learned about Kingdom of God System living. Check it out at


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