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What Is the Difference between a Demi Bra and a Push up Bra

Updated on January 14, 2013

Demi Bra


Demi Bra

Women have a lot of bra styles to choose from, and the 2 most common styles are the demi bras and the push up bras. A demi bra is cut out, exposing the top portion of your breasts; a push up bra does exactly what its name implies – to push the breasts up, although this is also a function of the demi bras. Depending on the wearer, both types have advantages and disadvantages, so the choice about what type to buy and wear should be left to the user.

Demi Bras

If you find your bra cups are wrinkling, or are too loose for your bust, a demi bra will solve that issue. Demi bras are often referred to as half bras or half cup bras. It is defined by the undergarment industry as breast cover that is only an inch above the nipples. The cut out material supports smaller breasts ideally and the design enhances the cleavage. The demi bra cups are slightly tilted towards the center gore, and the straps are widely set. These 2 features combine to improve the bust line curviness as the breasts are pushed together.

A demi bra is comfortable enough for everyday wear if you are small breasted, and you can find it useful for tops or dresses that are low cut. However, when buying a demi bra, make sure that it fits properly so that your breasts will be prevented from appearing cut off or bulgy.

Push Up Bras

A push up bra is essential if you have smaller chest. It can help you fill out also the dresses that look good on women with fuller busts. A push bra is designed to fulfill the purpose of supporting and lifting your breasts up and facing the center. When you wear a push up bra, you’ll get increased cleavage, a fuller rounder bust line, and perhaps admiring glances from people you meet.

The functions of the demi bra and the push up bra are almost the same. Both styles enhance the look and appearance of your busts, and both help create cleavage. And they are both sexy. The difference lies on the cups; the demi bra has reduced cups while the push up bra offer a little more coverage. So when choosing which bra to buy and use, it is up to you to decide and pick the demi bra or the push up bra according to your desire.

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