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What Katie Did | Girly Pin Up Stockings For Guys

Updated on October 14, 2009

The glamor of the pin up era will probably never fade. As long as we have pictures of buxom, smiling young ladies with actual curves reminding us of the time when inflated lips, bulbous breasts and stick figure bodies would have actually been considered quite freakish, then there is still hope for humanity.

The stockings from this time were nothing to sneer at either. Designed to compliment a real female figure, they look great on men who want to experience truly feminine elegance. What Katie Did is a faux vintage line selling the styles of yesteryear in modern fabrics at modern prices.

Hold Up Seamed Stockings
Hold Up Seamed Stockings

Seamed Stockings

The back seam is vestigial now when it comes to women's stockings. We have found ways of making tube which encases the leg entirely and does not require a seam. Seamed stockings have something of a rabid following however, and What Katie Did boasts a wide range of seamed stockings. Pictured here are hold up seamed stockings, prefect for the man who doesn't want to have to bother with a girdle, and some contrast seamed stockings which do require a girdle and which also make the very most of that seam. There are also a pair of retro style stockings, where the top of the stocking is reinforced and more than ready to be attached to a garter.

Retro and Contrast styles.
Retro and Contrast styles.


Fishnets are nothing new, and What Katie Did uses fishnets, in combination with tulle to create gorgeously retro stockings which are nevertheless a little bit saucy. Pictured here are fishnet seamed stockings, which of course, will require a cute garter belt to hold them up and do them justice, and also tulle pantyhose. Tulle is a very fine net, much like fishnet, but a little bit more refined.

Fishnet and Tulle Styles
Fishnet and Tulle Styles

1940's 1950's

What Katie Did also dedicates an entire section of their inventory to stockings popularized by the film stars of the 1940's and 1950's. Pictured here are 60 denier stretch seamed stockings. To give you a frame of reference the seamed stockings in the first portion of this article are only 15 denier. 60 denier stockings are not only hard wearing, but they also tend to be very warm, perfect for those coming winter nights. You'll also see some rayon seamed stockings here, a type of stocking which was very popular during war time when silk was difficult to come by due to the fact that it had been requisitioned for parachutes and whatnot. Rayon was the substitute fabric of choice, which makes these stockings perfect for the man who really wants to feel that he has stepped back in time.


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      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Thanks for the discovery Hope, I've bookmarked it for future return visits.

      Don't know how you have time to have a life and search out and create all these hubs. Just want to say thank you.