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What You Need To Start Stretching Your Ears

Updated on February 15, 2013

The 411 On What You Need To Start Stretching Your Ears

After arming yourself with as much information as you can, the next step you need to take is finding out exactly what you need to start stretching your lobes. This can produce an overwhelming amount of frustration because there are loads and loads of jewelry. What size do you need? What materials do you use? They have flares, single flares, double flares? O-rings? The questions can be endless but we're going to talk you through all of that.

The first and most important step is to determine what size you are at right now. As we mentioned people, most ear piercings are between 20 gauge and 18 gauge. You should ask your piercer if you're not sure. You will want to buy some jewelry that is the next size up. You never want to get two or three sizes above where you're at because this will result in tearing your ear lobe which isn't very productive or safe. If you're at an 18 gauge, you will want to start at 16 gauge and so on. Most people will stretch with one of two things, tapers or PTFE (also known as Teflon tape). For ear tapers, you will want to make sure they are non-porous so that you don't risk introduction infection into your freshly stretched lobes. Also, when you put in the jewelry in a fresh stretch, you'll want to make sure that that is also non-porous as well as either not flared or single-flared jewelry. The reason for the non-porous is to keep your fresh stretch safe and not irritated. What jewelry is not porous? You can stick to steel, titanium, glass, and pyrex jewelry. As for non-flared or single-flared jewelry, it's a big bigger on the edges that non-flared so you're just going to irritate your lobes as well as possible tearing them. Wait until your ears are healed a few months down the road before you used flared jewelry plugs for minimum irritation.

As we mention above, you will need tapers to stretch your ear lobes. You will need to buy a taper the same size that you are stretching to and you will need some type of lubricant. You will never want to stretch your ear lobes without lubricant. This can cause painful and torn lobes, neither of which should occur if you're stretching safely. You can use many things as lubricants, but there are a few you should stay away from. Many oils are great to stretch your lobes with and to massage with afterwards. You can use jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, tea tree oil, emu oil, or any other water-based lubricant. You want to stay away oil-based lubricants of all things, especially Vaseline. It may seem easy to use and it's normally in your home, but it is petroleum based and not water soluble so it can harbor a lot of infection.

Body Jewelry Plug Pictures

Blue Spirals
Blue Spirals | Source
Mustache Plugs
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Opalite Stone Plugs | Source
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Pyrex Glass Plugs

1 More Piece Of Ear Stretching Information

Lastly, make sure that you are using the proper jewelry and not wearing your tapers are jewelry. Yes, they make some very awesome designs, but they are more for novelty. Tapers will distribute uneven weight on your ear lobes. You want to keep your lobes as healthy and think as possible and this will bring down (literally) both aspects of it.

Safe stretching!


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