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What Your Shoes Say About You

Updated on November 12, 2016

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Most women are best friends with their shoes, and a lot of us have an expansive collection of shoes. Shoes are the biggest accessory that we can have with an outfit. We try to match the colors, styles and qualities of our shoes with our ensemble. There are so many different choices of shoes available, from different cultures, to different styles, to different designers. One of the most important things that we, as women, consider when choosing a pair of shoes to go with an outfit is what that shoe says about us--what personality does that shoe represent for us on that particular day? This guide will give you an idea of what statement your shoe is making.

Ballerina Flat
Ballerina Flat

The Ballerina Flat

Ballerina flats are very popular and chic. They come in a variety of colors and designs, and can match an upscale outfit as well as a downscale outfit. Ballerina flats make this statement that you are ready to have some down-to-earth fun. When guys see women in ballerina flats, they think that the woman is approachable and open minded and maybe a little bit impulsive. Flats are also great when you're dating a guy who is your height or shorter.

Note: Ballerina flats don't look good on people with long/wide feet. Their feet tend to "run over" the sides. If you walk a lot, make sure you invest in good quality ballerina flats that have thick bottoms, otherwise you will feel every little rock on the ground.

Wedge Heels
Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels (my favorite) come in so many different styles, colors, and designs that it's fair to say a woman can have an unlimited choice when trying to match them with an outfit. If you are a woman who loves heels, but has trouble walking in them, then a wedge is a great choice for you. It gives you the height of a heel, but the balance of a flat, unless you opt to go for an extremely high wedge heel, then you may have a little bit of balancing issues. Wedge heels are edgy and in style right now. Wedge heels make a statement that you are a fashionista, you love to stay with the latest trends. They exude a cool, casual confidence.

Rihanna | Source

Stiletto Heels

Stilettos can be divided into two categories that I like to call Classic and Diva. The Classic Stiletto will be simple in design. Usually a solid color, or maybe color bloc with minimal accessories. The Diva Stiletto will be a bright and/or shiny color with highly contrasting stitching or accessories. Stilettos can sometimes make men think that a woman is high maintenance, so unless that's the idea your trying to give, make sure you have a down-to-earth personality when you wear these shoes.

Classic Stilettos are great for women who want to show the power of their positions. Because they are simple in design, they are great in a professional environment while still showing your feminism. They make a statement that even though you're a sexy woman, you're still the boss, you're still intelligent and equal to a man on any level. You're confident in your abilities, you know you are successful and plan to be even more successful in the future, and you don't have to look masculine or androgynous to do so. Classic Stilettos are great with upscale or business outfits, but can also be paired with casual outfits in the right scenarios.

Diva Stilettos exude a sexy confidence. You're fun, flirty, and above all, you're sexy and you know it. You can take on any challenge in life (like walking in these shoes) and still look good while trying. You make men drool when you walk in a room with your mind-blowing confidence. You may be a bit scandalous, and sometimes a heart-breaker and only the best of the best can even come close to your heart. Diva Stilettos are great with any outfit. They are so fabulous that they'll make even a sweatsuit and baseball cap look fancy. (See photo of Rihanna above).

Note: If you can't walk comfortably and safely in Stilettos, then you're confidence is going to turn into awkwardness at the speed of light. It is very obvious if you aren't comfortable in stilettos. You'll walk funny and everyone will notice. If you want to work your way up into these statement shoes, start with a small heel and work your way up until you're comfortable.

Shoes That Look Like They Belong In a Museum

The fashion world is always in a race to out-do the last greatest fashion attempt. In doing so, designers have produced some of the most weird, unique shoes that they could possibly find. When a woman wears shoes like this, she is stating to the world that she lives and breathes popular fashion. She is a fashionista/shopaholic and probably needs fashion rehab. She has no problem spending twice the amount of her mortgage on a pair of shoes and she is extremely high maintenance. She also dances to the beat of her own drum and enjoys being the center of attention. She probably runs in circles with very powerful, rich, and or high class people and may be a bit snobby. Sometimes a woman like this may be intimidating for men. They may feel that she is "out of their league". Of course, pairing these shoes with a beautiful smile and nice, down-to-earth personality will offset the intimidation.


Sneakers, or Kicks as some like to call them, are extremely comfortable for a variety of activities. When a girl wears sneakers, she is letting the world know that she's ready for adventure and action. She can do unplanned things on the spur of the moment and she is laid-back and friendly. Sneakers have many uses, from working out, to walking, to matching outfits. Since they come in so many different styles and colors, they can be used for casual outfits or fancier outfits (not upscale or business). Women don't always have to make such a dramatic statement with heels to get a man's attention. Sneakers make a woman seem extremely approachable and men really like that.

Fetish Shoes

Fetish shoes are typically not worn out in public or on a daily basis. If you own fetish shoes, they make one, extremely bold statement about you:

I am a sexual freak who loves being submissive

Men, especially those who are into the really kinky stuff, love these sort of shoes in the bedroom. They may want a private show in which they watch you tiptoe around in them (or in some cases, crawl because there's no way you can walk in these). These shoes let men know that you are wild, open-minded, and extremely freaky when it comes to sex.


As you can see, shoes definitely make a statement about you. It's important to choose the right show to display you're personality type, or the personality that you're trying to portray at the time. Shoes, when worn properly, can be the best accessory a woman can have.

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